Reservations & waitlist

Give guests a better experience with a restaurant reservation system

More than reservation software. SpotOn Reserve lets you manage your waitlist, communicate with waiting parties, and remember guest information so you can deliver the ultimate dining experience.

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Make every guest feel special

First impressions are made before guests sit down. They happen when tables are reserved, waitlists are joined, and guests are greeted. SpotOn Reserve brings together your reservations, waitlist, and guest information in one place so your staff can make a great impression every time.

Powering the perfect guest experience

Save money & keep your guest data

No third-party per-cover fees. Access to your guest information. SpotOn Reserve gives you total control of your reservations.

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    Online booking

    Get more reservations by allowing guests to book directly from your websites, social media, and Google search results.

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    Automated reminders

    Reduce no-shows and last minute-cancellations with automatic reservation confirmations and 2-way texting capabilities.

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    Host app

    See reservations alongside your waitlist and keep tables turning with automatic table suggestions, customizable turn times, and other features.

Create transparency with a waitlist

Reduce crowding and walkouts with a digital waitlist that can work independently of or connected to your tables.

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    Easy check-in

    Add guests directly from the host stand or allow guests to check themselves in online in a single integrated platform.

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    Automatic wait times

    Give your guests access to real-time waitlist data they can see on their phones based on turn times and table statuses.

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    2-way texting

    Text guests when their tables are ready and let them respond with their status so your staff is never in the dark.

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Bring it all together with the point-of-sale

Streamline your front-of-house with reservation software that syncs directly with your point-of-sale.

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    POS integration

    Give your servers automatic guest notes while your host stand stays up-to-date in real time with table statuses.

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    Table management analytics

    Improve your operations with easy-to-view data on table turn times, wait list efficiency, and more.

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    Guest data collection

    Keep guests coming back by automatically collecting guest data and sending out email promotions with SpotOn Marketing.

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We’re passionate about helping restaurants succeed in an incredibly tough industry. We customize our tools and support to elevate your staff and guest experience. Our technology is customized for you and is backed by a few promises:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment
  • A local account executive that's ready to assist whenever you need help
  • An implementation team to set up your system the way you want it from the get-go
  • 24/7/365 customer phone support that responds to requests within a few minutes
  • Experts who'll ensure your restaurant tech is running smoothly—today and tomorrow

See how a restaurant reservation system can streamline your FOH

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