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Whatever your quick-service concept, SpotOn Restaurant Express is the fastest solution for getting orders out to your customers.

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Easier means

Most restaurant POS systems are slow because they're complicated. The interface is confusing. Changing the menu takes forever. And finding the reports you need is not even worth the effort. But SpotOn Restaurant Express was built for simplicity. So now you can do it all in a fraction of the time.

Fly through lines with a POS made for quick service

POS hardware

Two options.
High output. Low profile.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Station 15"

Station 15"

A POS with a big screen. Add a customer-facing display on the counter or mount it on the stand to breeze through payments.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Station 10"

Station 10"

A low-profile point-of-sale for smaller spaces. Connect a countertop customer-facing display for faster transactions.


Ordering that's second nature

Built to be intuitive. Everything's designed from the ground up to get customers through transactions as quickly as possible.

Image Ordering that's second nature
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    Quick navigation

    Find anything in seconds with a category sidebar, image buttons, and an item search button.

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    One-tap tipping

    Create preset tip options by percentage or amount. No tip and custom tip options are also available.

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    Lightning-fast transactions

    Accept payments in seconds. Take all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Cash works too.

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    Instant digital receipts

    Let customers get receipts by text or email—or just opt out. Printed receipts are also an option.

Powerful yet simple

Keep your restaurant up and running with features made especially for counter service.

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    Robust offline mode

    Internet down again? Keep moving through orders and payments like it never even happened.

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    Mobile back office

    Cloud-based and mobile-friendly. Get reporting, menus, marketing, loyalty, and orders on your phone or laptop.

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    Easy menu builder

    Add specials and new items in seconds. Attach categories and modifier groups with a couple of taps.

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    Helpful reporting

    All the data you need. Nothing you don't. Sales, refunds, discounts, taxes, fees, tips. View by day or employee.

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Kitchen display system

Make orders in record time

From the counter to the kitchen and back. Move orders seamlessly through your restaurant with SpotOn's integrated kitchen display system.

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Order routing icon
Order routing

Send different parts of orders to the right station automatically. Route orders by order type or item category.

Ticket management icon
Ticket management

Organize, hold, clear, and recall orders. Cooks can do it all with just a couple of screen taps.

Prep timer icon
Prep timer

Get food out on time every time. Prioritize urgent orders with tickets that change colors at time intervals.

Order details icon
Order details

See the order type and source right on the ticket. Tap the order anytime for more information.

All-day view icon
All-day view

See how many of each menu item should be working across all orders at any given time.

Ticket search icon
Ticket search

Find tickets in no time by entering their names, items, or modifiers in the available search field.

Online ordering

Take control of your online experience


Turn customers into members

With SpotOn's integrated loyalty program, everyday customer engagement becomes effortless.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Easily grow membership

Easily grow membership

Let customers join your program, earn points, and redeem rewards from the checkout screen.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Stay connected with guests

Stay connected with guests

Keep in touch with your customer base with automated marketing features and website tools.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Repeat popular rewards

Repeat popular rewards

Get analytics on your offers so you can duplicate the ones that your customers love.


Broadcast what's coming up

Let everyone know about your specials and events with DIY or automated marketing campaigns.
Image of SpotOn's hardware Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Send custom campaigns that match your brand’s look and feel with tools that do the busy work for you.

Image of SpotOn's hardware Set it and forget it

Set it and forget it

Drive traffic and online orders automatically. SpotOn Marketing Assist uses AI to do it all in less time.

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At SpotOn, you're not just a number but a valued client. With us, you get:

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or long-term commitments
  • A local hospitality specialist who's ready to help whenever you need it
  • A team of experts that set up your system and give staff onsite training
  • 24/7/365 phone support from real people who respond within minutes

Discover the fastest quick-service restaurant POS

Meet with one of our experts and get a personalized demo of SpotOn Restaurant Express. No high-pressure sales tactics. Just a casual conversation to see if we're a good fit.

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