Casual dining POS system

Keep your team in sync, serve more guests, and boost efficiency with a POS system that works seamlessly with your casual dining restaurant.

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Find more profitblue-circle with tech that works the way you work

Running a restaurant is hard work. And when your technology doesn't work the way you do, it's even harder to make a profit. SpotOn is different.

Our solutions are fully customizable so you can boost revenue and lower costs while you focus on what you do best. Add 24/7/365 support from real people, and you've got everything you need to reach your full profit potential.

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Everything to run your dining room like clockwork
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Keep your restaurant humming with a casual dining POS system. SpotOn Restaurant combines sleek, durable point-of-sale hardware with the industry's top-rated software so your team always stays in sync. Built on an integrated platform, you can choose only the tools you need while keeping your system streamlined.

  • Make transactions quicker with lightning-fast ordering and payments
  • Optimize workflows with customizable menu management and table layouts
  • Collect information from every guest touchpoint to build your marketing database
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Handhelds & QR

Increase sales and speed of service with portable tech. SpotOn Handheld and QR codes sync with your POS system to help servers cover more parties, turn tables faster, and get bigger checks (and tips) without sacrificing service.

  • Enable servers to input and fire orders right from the table and shrink ticket times
  • Minimize mistakes and costly waste by streamlining the ordering process
  • Upsell automatically by letting guests order additional items through QR codes
  • Split checks, take payments, and print receipts on the spot to expedite closeouts
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Waitlist & reservations

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Maximize your seating with SpotOn Reserve—a table management system that coordinates online reservations, your digital waitlist, and server assignments. Connected to your POS system, it hands off your guest information to servers and keeps track of tables throughout their meal.

  • Minimize crowding and walkouts with a waitlist that can link to or work independently of tables
  • Keep your waiting guests updated on their table status with 2-way texting
  • Eliminate cover fees by accepting online reservations on your website and Google
  • Create memorable experiences with guest notes that are handed off to your servers
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From food delivery to inventory management, SpotOn integrates with the most popular applications used by casual dining restaurants.

Online ordering that benefits you, not third-party apps

Image Online ordering that benefits you, not third-party apps
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    Commission-free ordering

    Stop giving your profits over to delivery apps. With SpotOn Order, you can accept online orders directly into your POS from your websites and Google, while keeping your hard-earned money.

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    Customizable pacing

    Keep your kitchen sane during the rush. With online order pacing, you can prioritize in-house tickets while notifying online guests their orders will take a little longer using 2-way texting.

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    Delivery by DoorDash

    Take advantage of reliable delivery services without percentage-based fees. SpotOn's partnership with DoorDash gives you flat rates with the option of passing on the costs to guests.

Work the way you want with a casual dining POS system

Talk with one of our representatives and find out if SpotOn's restaurant management platform is a good fit for your casual dining place.

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