We are thrilled to announce SpotOn Terminal, an all-in-one smart-device made for payments, loyalty, and data tools to run businesses. Simplifying things and saving costs is important while running a business, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic still surging. Thanks to SpotOn’s innovative software, you can grow revenue and increase repeat customers with email marketing, customer reviews, and loyalty tools, supported by real-time data reporting, while also guaranteeing customer safety. Here are five benefits of running your business with SpotOn Terminal.

1. Manage your business from one platform

We understand the stress of managing a business amidst a pandemic, and SpotOn Terminal is built to help. Its software provides you with a suite of business services that help you increase sales, build a customer base, keep your consumers active, and save money on transaction costs. This smart all-in-one platform with multiple capabilities is unique in the market, and we are the only company that offers such a comprehensive package.

2. An easy & safe payment solution

Convenience and safety are also a must when running a business during COVID-19. Thanks to SpotOn Terminal, you can get paid simply and easily from everyone, everywhere. It's a business terminal equipped with best-in-class hardware and a built-in printer, so you can accept a wide variety of payments, including contactless and EMV payments, ensuring customer safety while allowing you to increase revenue and expand your customer base.

3. Increase customer loyalty

Driving more repeat customers and increasing customer loyalty is crucial for business growth. With SpotOn Terminal, you can run SpotOn Loyalty to seamlessly collect customer data, learn more about your best customers, increase loyalty, and drive repeat visits. How does it work? You create as many deals as you want, and then let customers enroll, earn points, and redeem those rewards right from your payment terminal. Then, you can review your rewards and customer visits to get a clear ROI.

SpotOn Terminal-3

4. Track your business

Growing clientele is more accessible by tracking the impact of your marketing campaigns. SpotOn Terminal offers you a way to see what's working for your business and what might need to be improved while ensuring your customers' privacy. Get business insights by collecting consumer data, analyzing sales, and monitoring real-time sales reports to make data-driven decisions.

5. Easy setup & support

We offer transparent pricing with no contracts and no long-term commitment. SpotOn Terminal is designed for simplicity and programmed to fulfill your needs, so you can start using it right away. We also provide 24/7, in-person support so you know that help is always available when you need it.

With SpotOn Terminal, you get exactly what you need to get paid simply and easily, grow revenue, get to know your customers by creating loyalty programs, and save money on payments. SpotOn Terminal is an uncomplicated device that allows you to operate during complicated times. Get a free demo today.

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