Every year during “The Big Game,” companies spend billions of dollars on advertising. And if this year’s ad lineup is anything like the last, we will probably hear a lot about the value of small businesses—especially restaurants. I think it’s great that these ads might provide viewers with a deeper appreciation for restaurants, but the truth is that many restaurants are still in a life-or-death struggle to stay afloat. And they need more than our supportive words.  

All of this weighed heavily on us when we talked about how we would approach our marketing efforts in advance of “the biggest sporting event of the year.” And we decided it just didn’t feel right for us to lean into advertising. At least not now. We’re working closely with our clients day in and day out, so we know that restaurants are still in the thick of this pandemic—struggling to find (and keep) staff, begging Congress to replenish the RRF, just trying to keep their doors open.

So this year, we’re giving our focus—and our funds—to the people whose hard work, passion, and creativity make the big moments (and The Big Games) in our lives so much better: the restaurant workers of America, by tipping extra cash on every online order placed with our SpotOn Order customers on Sunday, Feb 13, 2022.

In honor of the 56th “Biggest Football Event of the Year,” we’re adding a $5.60 “tip” to every order made through our online ordering platform. And one of those orders will carry a special $5,600 MVP-sized tip.  

We know the people who are really working the hardest on the day of The Big Game aren’t doing it on TV in front of millions of fans. They’re doing it in hot kitchens, behind crowded bars, between high tops, and on icy roads. And they’re doing it so the rest of us can enjoy the game just a little bit more—just like they did for all the birthdays, holidays, first dates, and nights out that we took for granted before the pandemic. That’s why we think, no matter who wins on Sunday, America’s restaurants are the real MVPs. Join us and #TiptheRealMVPs.

Learn more about how SpotOn is supporting the real MVPs from SpotOn co-CEO's Zach and Matt Hyman in FSR's "Expert Takes."

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