What does going the extra mile mean to you? Is it working a double shift because someone called in sick? Is it helping with close-out even though you’re tired, or is it organizing inventory when a big shipment arrives? At SpotOn, we see local business owners and restaurant operators like you pouring your heart and soul into your business and doing whatever it takes to make sure it’s a success.

We call it “heart and hustle.” And it’s something deeply woven into the culture of our company, too. We are passionate about restaurants and small businesses and know that getting the little things and big things right can help your business thrive. Heart and hustle is more than just lip service. It’s a passion everyone at SpotOn shares: the passion and belief that small businesses can and should thrive, and with our tech in their hands, it’ll be easier.

That passion runs deep and is why I’m so proud that SpotOn was named a Capterra Shortlist top performer in the restaurant POS, bar POS, customer loyalty, and order and delivery service categories by Capterra, an independent researcher and free online service that helps organizations find the right software solutions for their operations. The awards are based on an independent assessment of user reviews and online search activity.

Earning a top rating from customers like you is a big deal for us. It reaffirms that it’s possible to do the right thing for small business—offer services at a fair price, without stifling contracts, and with personalized support—and be successful at it.

SpotOn was founded with the idea of making the unnecessarily complex and fee-laden world of payment processing simpler, clearer, and fairer for small businesses. We paired seamless and efficient point-of-sale hardware with software built from the ground up to solve the foundational challenges of running small businesses and restaurants. And we supported the technology with incredible personalized support. It all adds up to a culture and a product that is obsessed with getting every last detail right for business owners and operators—to help you compete and win.

The recognition from Capterra means SpotOn will likely earn a few more clients, which will let us invest more into our product and support. It’s a virtuous circle for us and our clients as we continue to do what we do best—putting in the same level of heart and hustle into our technology that you do into your business.

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