Education Campuses

Education POS system for campuses.

Upgrade to an intelligent POS system so you can shorten checkout lines and consolidate data from your campus stadium and dining halls.

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Keep fans in their seats at collegiate events.

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Order from anywhere

Allow students and fans to place orders from anywhere with smart self-serve kiosks and mobile and in-app tools to expedite lines and direct-to-seat delivery.

Shorten lines

Manage peak rush periods more smoothly with easy-to-use POS, self-serve, and mobile and online ordering tools to accelerate transactions—so students can grab and go.

Accept all payment types

Go beyond accepting popular payment types and ensure that students are able to use their meal plan cards and fans can use stored value for every purchase.


World-class technology and service.


Create efficiency during the lunch rush.

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Multiple ways to order

Manage peak rush periods more efficiently with easy-to-use POS, self-serve kiosks, and order-ahead technologies.

More “grab and go” options

Take advantage of POS and kiosk scale integrations so students and staff can breeze through the checkout lines.

Complete visibility

Track most popular items, busiest location, inventory, and more so you can plan accordingly in the future.


Partnered with the leaders in your industry.


Powering transactions at LSU.

"We have been working with SpotOn since 2017 and recently deployed kiosks to enhance our food service and offer a more convenient and frictionless experience for our students and guests. SpotOn made it extremely easy for us to deploy a self-service platform and shift toward the future of ordering at athletic events."
Matthew LaBorde
Assistant Athletic Director Louisiana State University

Built on a true omnichannel platform to support the evolution of campus life.

Offer a dining, concessions, and retail experience that accommodates your students, sports fans, and staff. Upgrade your entire suite of on-campus point-of-sale systems to a powerful, centralized platform to deliver ordering methods for users of all generations, while making smarter, more strategic decisions for your organization.

Give your guests direct control over their ordering experience as you speed up order fulfillment and improve your bottom line.
Take orders and process payments courtside, tableside, or while guests are still in line using on-the-go point of sale solutions.
Kitchen Displays
Instantly transmit all POS orders to a centralized device for preparation, even if your internet connection goes down.

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See for yourself how our enterprise cloud POS and management platform can transform your guest experience, provide valuable business insights, and deliver ROI to your campus.

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