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Our Goal: To bring you loyal customers.

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SpotOn, Inc.
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After nearly 50 years of combined experience working with over 125,000 small businesses, we built SpotOn to help small business owners solve an overwhelming challenge in today’s deal-obsessed economy: creating loyal customers. We started this company in 2010 with the goal of providing small business owners with a budget-friendly marketing alternative to daily deal sites, and consumers with a memorable, convenient loyalty program. Since then, it’s evolved into much more.

Since launching SpotOn in April 2010, we’ve witnessed its ability to drive traffic and create happy, loyal customers in ways traditional marketing can't. Digitizing the punch card is only the beginning. We're transforming the way small businesses communicate with customers by making data accessible and actionable. Everything merchants need to maximize repeat visits, strengthen off-peak business, and increase revenue is at their fingertips.

As a business owner, we know you want to ensure that your customer rewards program is more than special. We hope you make it SpotOn.

Matt Hyman, Zach Hyman, and Doron Friedman