Amanda Avutu

Amanda Avutu

Amanda Avutu has spent the last 20 years connecting people to businesses through deeply human stories--from helping brands articulate their passion to profiling exceptional people for Oprah magazine.

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Women in Restaurant Technology’s 2022 Rising Star: Jen Lesniak

Jen Lesniak, Sr. Director of Consumer Products has been recognized by Hospitality Technology (HT) magazine with a 2022 Top Women in Restaurant Technology Rising Star award []. The award confirms what the SpotOn team has known to be true from Day One—Jen is a phenomenal leader...

Christian Suarez: Providing Technical—and Human—Support

People only call Christian Suarez when they’re frustrated and she’s perfectly fine with that. In fact, she welcomes it. As a SpotOn Customer Support Specialist [], Christian’s job is to solve issues. All tech has issues. Whether someone is having a difficult time...

Building Businesses by Building Trust

Every single day of his 11 years in the U.S. Air Force as a medic, former Staff Sergeant (SSgt) John Bristol relied on one crucial tool: Trust. “When you’re out in the field trying to help someone who’s been injured, you have to earn their trust before...

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