People only call Christian Suarez when they’re frustrated and she’s perfectly fine with that. In fact, she welcomes it.

As a SpotOn Customer Support Specialist, Christian’s job is to solve issues. All tech has issues. Whether someone is having a difficult time understanding how to best use their technology, or there is an unexpected hiccup. What makes all the difference is the way you solve those issues. For Christian this means as thoroughly, quickly, and patiently as possible. Though the position can be highly stressful, requiring a delicate balance of product knowledge and creative problem-solving, Christian brings a Zen-like calm to her work. It pays off in her ability to deliver not only solutions, but compassion. Her philosophy is deceptively simple: treat people the way you would like to be treated.

“I put myself in that person’s shoes,” she explains, which can mean listening with empathy as customers share not only the details of their problem, but the details of their bad day, or even the struggles they have faced over a lifetime.

“One time a client asked me where I was from and he started sharing memories from when he lived in Mexico City,” Christian recalls. “He told me all about the struggles his business had faced during the pandemic, but was excited to ask me, ‘Have you been to this place? Have you been to this place?’ And while I helped him solve his problem, he reminisced and we connected as people.”

By being proficient, Christian can solve the problem. By being positive, she can shift the mood, and ultimately change the trajectory of that person’s day. Especially when that entails making that person’s job easier and smoother.

One customer called in to request statements for her POS accounts. She wasn’t sure how to self-access the statements. Not only did Christian email the requested documents to the customer and the customer’s supervisor directly, but she also explained how to access the statement through the dashboard for future ease of reference.

The customer was so delighted with the level of support she received from Christian that she took the time to share her feedback, noting, “I appreciate all that Chris did for me in just one phone call. Chris’ efficiency helped me get the requested information to my boss in less than 20 minutes from his request, which made me look good in the process. Chris even offered to be of continued service via email if I had any other questions. That says a lot about her dedication to her job and customers, which is very rare in customer service these days.”

The way that Christian sees it, she is an agent for positive change in the world, providing technical—and human—support.

“Sometimes people get stuck,” she says. “Somebody might be going down a negative path for their day. I think that the work that I do can create a chain reaction by creating a different path for someone to go down. And I can be like a conductor and flip the switch on the track, sending them on a different course.”

When she’s not working, Christian spends time with her cats Zeus and Winnie, reading personal growth books, trying out new cheesecake recipes, and listening to Coldplay. Her favorite song, perhaps not surprisingly, “Fix You.”

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