A hard worker with a gentle, caring heart—that’s how Silvia Nuñez describes her grandfather, Benjamin.

Benjamin was a salesman who worked tirelessly throughout his career to provide a better life for his family in Durango, Mexico. He never let work interfere with family, though. Whenever a family member needed something, he was there for them. He was young Silvia’s most trusted confidant and remains so to this day. She just doesn’t need him to help cover for her to her parents after sneaking out of the house to hang out with friends anymore, like when she was 14.

“He always finds a way to work around obstacles and get the job done or to make you feel better when you’re feeling down," remarked Silvia. "If a door was shut in front of him, he’d find a window to open. He’s always been an inspiration like that to me.”

Benjamin may be approaching 80 years old, but he still regularly reads books, does puzzles, and plays both the guitar and piano. The success he’s had in his life and the joy he brings to those around him helped put Silvia on her career path - she is currently a recruiter for SpotOn.

“He set a great example for me with both how hard he worked and how much he cared for others,” Silvia said. “I’ve worked in Human Resources for the last eight years and owe a lot of that to my grandfather.”

Based in Mexico City, Silvia has been with SpotOn since December 2020 and has been an invaluable member of the sales recruiting team. She’s worked in various Human Resources roles for the last eight years, but knew she wanted to focus on recruiting after a previous role with a different company required her to fire colleagues.

“I hated that. I never wanted to be the one destroying anyone’s dreams,” Silvia said.  She’s found her sweet spot at SpotOn, and the days of firing are long gone.

“I see my role in recruiting as a win-win,” Silvia said. “I get to help people advance their careers and make positive changes in their lives, and I am also helping the company as much as possible by trying to find the best people to join.”

Not only is she working in an area she’s passionate about, but she’s also doing so at a company that gives her the freedom and trust to achieve her goals, without overbearing oversight. “I really enjoy the mixture SpotOn has. There is autonomy for people to make their own decisions, but in addition to that individual trust, there's a teamwork culture that makes each workday better.”

Making the day better—that’s what her grandfather has spent a lifetime doing. And it’s what Silvia does now for every colleague and prospective employee she interacts with.

“Silvia has been an invaluable resource and business partner to a handful of SpotOn Sales Managers she supports,” said Matthew Ross, Regional Recruiting Manager at Spoton. “Silvia does a wonderful job providing each candidate with a positive, transparent, and consistent experience.”

And that is sure to put a smile on her grandfather’s face.

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