The past year hasn’t been an easy ride for the hospitality industry. Inclement weather, rising costs, and continued labor challenges have pushed many restaurants (and SpotOn clients) to get creative. Restaurants have tweaked menus, leveraged online ordering technology, and launched loyalty programs in the eternal quest to minimize costs and drive profits. Through the smog, fire, and stubborn inflation, we’ve seen hospitality in distinctly inhospitable times. Despite it all, dinner was served.

The tech industry has experienced similar tide shifts. Fears of an economic downturn made funding scarce. Layoffs rocked the industry, upending livelihoods. Leaders have had to make difficult decisions and reevaluate company priorities. But tough times, for restaurants and tech companies alike, create focus.

At SpotOn, we see our client experience and employee experience as interwoven. We help make sure dinner gets served. So, we spent the past year continuing to scale to create better products that help operators do more with less, whether that’s less staff, less foot traffic, or fewer hours in the day. We have created more efficient workflows so that no server gets tied up at the point-of-sale station, tapping through orders and leaving their guests waiting. We’re laser-focused on creating a better experience for our clients and, in turn, their customers.

To make this happen, we need problem solvers, people who live and breathe restaurants and small businesses—people who approach tough situations with empathy. These passionate and committed employees power the client experience. Our superior customer support is a direct result of hardworking, value-driven people. Through our core values, SpotOn cultivates a work environment built on curiosity, teamwork, humility, and big thinking. SpotOn employees are guided by these principles:

  • Be the client.
  • One for all. All for one.
  • Learn, question, transform, repeat.
  • Think big, act small.

These ideas aren’t just inspirational wall art. They’re guiding lights, impacting everyone from sales to marketing to our co-CEOs. Through these values, I’m proud to say that we’ve built a team and culture that supports one another and our clients. As I reflect on 2023, I’m proud to have seen so many SpotOn employees grow in their roles. We want to create a work environment where people flourish and put down roots. BuiltIn's recognition further proves that we’re creating a place where people can grow and innovate. 

The work isn’t done. Just as our restaurant clients are constantly evolving, working to retain staff and delight guests, our team is back to the proverbial lab (or kitchen) to make even more progress in 2024. We have set bold new employee engagement goals to hold ourselves accountable in the new year. Research shows that more engaged employees provide better customer service and receive 10% higher ratings from customers. We’re looking to increase our employee engagement score and continue to invest in our employees with leadership training, on-the-job experiences, and a greater focus on career growth. It’s a full plate. But we’re driven to be best-in-class for both our product and workplace. Ambition is part of the project. 

2024 will bring big changes—that is certain. Advances in AI technology, shifting guest preferences and food trends, and continued economic, environmental, and geopolitical challenges will force the hospitality industry to pivot and then pivot again. But with the right partner and a clear view of what matters, there’s no reason why challenges and progress can’t go hand in hand. If your restaurant is serving dinner, the SpotOn team will be behind you every step of the way. 

We’re looking for passionate, talented people to help us achieve our 2024 goals. If you want to join a team committed to helping local businesses explore which SpotOn careers could be a good fit.

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