NYSRA recognizes SpotOn as a leading technology provider to offer insights and solutions to New York entrepreneurs looking to take their hospitality businesses to the next level.

ALBANY, N.Y. - June 27, 2022 -  SpotOn, a leading software and payments provider, has been recognized as a preferred partner by the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA). SpotOn will give NYSRA members critical insights into the latest advances to help New York restaurants, event venues, stadiums, and more grow their businesses.

Trusted by thousands of restaurants and venues across the United States, SpotOn offers the tools and resources operators need to help boost revenue, reduce expenses, and create exceptional guest experiences. With SpotOn, operators have access to robust software and hardware they need to streamline operations and grow their business, including:

In addition, SpotOn offers technology that enables operators to take payments anywhere, reach more customers with digital solutions, and grow revenue while reducing costs.

"SpotOn makes it possible to serve customers quickly and reliably across multiple channels," said Chrissy Ouellette, Vice President of Business Development at SpotOn. “With the right technology in place, New York restaurant owners and operators can better satisfy customer demand, enhance customer and employee experience, plus position their enterprise to maximize its revenue potential."

This partnership with SpotOn will allow NYSRA members to stay up to date on the payments, software, and point-of-sale solutions they need to unlock the potential of their business. As a result, business owners of all sizes can use the industry-best POS solution to streamline operations, cut labor costs, and create new revenue streams.

SpotOn offers a robust one-stop solution that our members can benefit from.

“Restaurants, particularly small ones, are often integral organizations to the communities they serve, and we’re thrilled to continue supporting the critical work they undertake through this new partnership,” said Melissa Autilio Fleischut, President and CEO of the New York State Restaurant Association. “SpotOn offers a robust one-stop solution that our members can benefit from, particularly in a time of increasing technology needs and changing consumer expectations.”

SpotOn has worked alongside businesses of all sizes as the industry landscape, and consumer demand evolve rapidly, helping businesses stay open and profitable. SpotOn technology has powered businesses across the nation to maximize throughput, boost efficiency, get real-time data and improve the guest experience across multiple locations with a cloud-based POS system that’s fast and easy to use. In addition, the company has continued to evolve technology throughout the pandemic to provide companies with the tools they need to operate and cater to changing consumer demands, including commerce solutions and low-cost private lending through SpotOn Capital.

About SpotOn

SpotOn is one of the fastest-growing software and payment companies with comprehensive, cloud-based technology for businesses of all types and sizes. Known for its rapid innovation and personalized support, SpotOn offers an end-to-end software and payment platform to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and increase profit. From seamless and efficient point-of-sale systems to integrated management solutions built for the fast-growing enterprise, SpotOn builds technology that "works the way you work," and backs it up with a 24/7 team of experts who ensure it always does—with fairness, flexibility, and a personal touch. SpotOn has 2,000 employees, including one of the strongest product and technology teams in the combined software & payments industry. For more information, visit www.spoton.com.


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