Simplify labor management with Dolce and SpotOn Restaurant.

Increase profits and save time with a two-way integration between your SpotOn point-of-sale system and Dolce’s industry-leading labor management software.

1 screen

For scheduling, time punches, real-time sales, and analytics

1 min

Reduce the time you spend on tip pooling and distributions to as little as a minute


Payroll provider integrations


No matter how many location you operate, save time with one-click payroll

We’re in your corner.

Running a successful restaurant means overcoming major challenges, including attracting and retaining employees, reducing labor costs, and balancing complex compliance requirements. Our team is here to help. In addition to configuring your Dolce labor management software to simplify and streamline operations for your business, we’ll also build out your real-time point-of-sale integration so that you and your staff can spend more time delighting your guests and less time on tedious bookkeeping.

Streamline scheduling, labor compliance, and so much more.


Save time and drive profits with Dolce.

Dolce simplifies multiple tasks by combining scheduling, time-keeping, and real-time sales from your SpotOn point-of-sale into one easy-to-use screen. By seeing projected sales and labor alongside actual sales and labor, you can easily avoid overtime and understaffed shifts, and maximize profits.

  • Budget and schedule labor

  • View and edit time punches against scheduled shifts

  • See actual sales & labor versus projections

  • Manage multiple location for a comprehensive view of your operations


Easy for employees. Easy for you.

Improve employee retention with built-in tools that help you manage tip-distribution, paid time off, sick leave, and even shift trading. Plus, with SpotOn’s real-time Dolce integration, you’re always working with the most up-to-date information and your employees only need to clock-in to one system.

  • Save time by using one system to manage payroll, PTO, sick time, and labor compliance

  • Avoid overtime and reduce labor costs by monitoring clock-in and scheduling

  • Automatically distribute tips based on your pooling rules, including time increment, point weighting, or percentage

  • Export gratuity directly to payroll or pay cards


Take the hassle out of payroll preparation.

Dolce makes it fast and easy to review your payroll information and then send it to your payroll provider of choice, with one-click payroll integration with leading payroll providers.

  • Daily verification of time punches

  • Tracking of lates, no-shows, and time off

  • Tip distribution module


Maintain compliance. Protect your business.

With real-time data from the SpotOn Restaurant platform, you can automatically avoid compliance issues, future wage claims, and overpaying, by enforcing clock-ins to schedules. No matter how complex your scheduling or local labor compliance laws are, you can protect yourself and save on labor costing by restricting early or unscheduled clock-ins.

    The perfect labor solution for restaurants big and small.

    Whether you’re operating 1 restaurant or 100, Dolce is right for you.

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    “Tip distribution takes up a significant portion of our end-of-the-night closeout, so when we found Dolce helped us decrease our time from one hour down to ten minutes we knew it was a no-brainer for our restaurants and for SpotOn.”

    Michael Mina
    MINA Group

    Get more for your restaurant with SpotOn Restaurant's integrated tools.

    SpotOn’s tools are designed to work hand-in-hand with SpotOn Restaurant POS by helping you grow and optimize.


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    What other restaurateurs are saying.

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    From the initial consultation, to ordering, to implementation and integration, the entire process of on-boarding the SpotOn POS System has been seamless and has exceeded our expectations.

    Pete M.

    Mar 9, 2021

    SpotOn continues to be an invaluable technology partner that listens well and proactively presents innovative solutions to drive our business forward.

    Ben P.

    Feb 9, 2021

    SpotOn has given me the data access I need to manage my business from a macro as well as micro perspective. The software is easy to access and utilize.

    Pamela H.

    Dec 5, 2020

    Every issue and question has been answered or addressed within hours, if not minutes.I can't say enough good about this company and software.

    Brandy R.

    Feb 24, 2021

    From back office, digital marketing, built our website to take orders off of. The programming is great to allow you to do more tasks with better trained staff.

    Marcus O.

    Dec 1, 2020