The Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to drive a surge of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths of unvaccinated individuals across the United States. In response, numerous cities, including New York and San Francisco, have enacted vaccination requirements for indoor activities in public places. For restaurants, it’s yet another challenge to overcome in the wake of dining-room closures, contact-tracing requirements, and mask mandates. Fortunately, it’s a challenge made far easier with technology.

At SpotOn, we announced this week a new feature within our digital reservation & waitlisting platform that enables restaurant guests to affirm their vaccination status online. Whether you need to comply with local proof-of-vaccination regulations or simply want to ensure the safety of your guests and staff, the new feature simplifies how you communicate vaccine requirements to your guests, helping you save time and minimize potentially tense situations between your dine-in guests and staff.

Available to SpotOn Reserve clients immediately, the new feature is just one piece of an integrated restaurant management system restaurants are using to effectively manage vaccine mandates.

  • Using SpotOn Reserve, you can prompt your guests to confirm their party’s vaccination status when while making a reservation or adding themselves to your waitlist
  • You also have the option of making vaccination confirmation mandatory during the reservation process
  • If required for compliance, your staff can additionally confirm vaccination records in-person at the host station and then log the information in the customer notes for each party directly on a SpotOn Reserve host tablet
  • Beyond online reservations, it’s also important to communicate vaccine requirements to your guests using other channels, including email, social media, and on your restaurant’s website—all of which can easily be done with SpotOn’s integrated tools

To learn what other tools restaurateurs are using to overcome COVID-related challenges, be sure to check out our article “Using Restaurant Tech to Ride Out the Delta Variant—and Whatever Else the World Throws Your Way” on the SpotOn Blog.

Need help configuring the vaccination status checkbox in SpotOn Reserve? Visit our FAQ here.

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