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SpotOn’s Restaurant Advisory Council is comprised of highly respected restaurant owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. In addition to proudly using SpotOn solutions in their own businesses, council members provide expertise, guidance, and real-time feedback from successful restaurants, enabling SpotOn to continually develop the best point-of-sale technology and software on the market.

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What our Restaurant Advisors are saying.

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We need to look at the entire brand as a whole. We would never be able to do this many things if we had to pull data and train on multiple platforms. SpotOn is the only tech partner that provides integration into all the platforms we need.

Matthew Kenney

When you look at the complexity of the restaurant industry, the pace at which SpotOn is innovating to address some of the industry's biggest challenges is really great.

Michael Mina

As a Restaurant Advisor, I'm very excited and appreciative to interact with such a great management team and be part of such a dynamic, innovation process at SpotOn.

Frohman Anderson

What's been so compelling about working with SpotOn is that the customer service and response time is above and beyond. When you need someone, they are there. When you've got a line out the door, and an hour of people waiting online to order, that makes all the difference.

Ray Villaman

I’m very thankful that I switched over to SpotOn because the online ordering has been great for many reasons, but the customer support aspect of being able to talk to someone when I need it, or having SpotOn’s Chief Product Officer talk to your entire team has just been so helpful. For SpotOn to continue that sort of service is extremely important because when you are running a Saturday night, 3 deep at the bar and the computers go down, you need to be able to call someone. Having that access at SpotOn and the ability to talk to anybody or numerous people at once, is extremely reassuring.

Stryker Scales

It’s great to see SpotOn has such a nimble team that’s open to suggestions from restaurateurs to make their products better.

Brent Bolthouse



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