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How to open a restaurant

The rule of thumb has always been it takes 18+ months for a restaurant to reach the break-even point and turn a profit. A little less for quick service restaurants. A good bit longer for fine dining restaurants. But what if there was a faster path to profitability? By leveraging cloud-based restaurant technology, your new restaurant can reach the break-even point quicker than you think.

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  • Build your customer base faster by reaching them online
  • Get better data to help you adapt quickly and make smarter decisions
  • Attract and retain staff in a highly competitive labor market
  • Maximize table turns with integrated POS, QR ordering, and handhelds
  • Avoid costly commissions with direct online ordering and reservations
Resources for opening a new restaurant

Build guest relationships

One of the biggest challenges every new restaurant faces is attracting customers—and turning them into loyal regulars. Make sure you’re leveraging technology right from the start to meet customers online and take ownership of your guest data.

Operate efficiently

Want to know how to make a new restaurant successful? Combine your hard work with modern tech that increases productivity and speeds up service while reducing errors and time-consuming tasks.

Maximize revenue

How can you get more diners in the door and increase online orders without overpaying for the privilege? Look for integrated technology that lets you keep control of the guest experience, eliminates costly commissions, and works the way you work.

Manage & retain staff

Hiring and training new staff costs money. Almost $6,000 per employee, according to one study. Simple tools can help you keep staff happy, retain high performers, and save money.
Partner with a team who underline-bluelistens

Technology and data are going to be a key part of opening your new restaurant and reaching profitability faster. But not all technology providers are created equal. At SpotOn, we build technology that works the way you work —not the other way around. So we promise flexibility and transparency throughout the process. Because if you’ve got the courage to strike out on your own, you ought to have the freedom to do things the way you want and go as big (or stay as small) as you want.
You decide how to run your restaurant. We’ll build technology that works the way you work. And we’ll back it up with a 24/7 team of experts who will make sure it always does —with fairness, flexibility, and a personal touch. Because that’s the way we work.

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