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Powerful Tools to Operate Your Restaurant

SpotOn Restaurant is a groundbreaking solution for restaurants that integrates payments with intuitive marketing tools and the best-in-class cloud-based restaurant software. Whether you operate a fine dining restaurant, quick-serve restaurant, bar, nightclub, multi-location chain, or franchise, our point-of-sale solution has all the tools you need to help boost efficiency and engage customers like never before to accelerate profit.

  • Accept nearly all forms of payment, track multiple tables/orders, split tickets, issue and process gift cards, and more
  • Offer online ordering, takeout & delivery, pay-at-the-table, and catering orders
  • Manage inventory, employee shifts, and delivery & drivers
  • Create custom reports to analyze performance and improve efficiency
  • Encourage brand loyalty to accelerate revenue with SpotOn’s built-in customer engagement tools
Restaurant POS with Emagine POS
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Click and scroll through the image gallery to get an inside look at the time-saving tools you’ll have at your fingertips.

Benefit from the Best-in-Class SpotOn Restaurant Software

SpotOn Restaurant is packed with intuitive features; it’s fast, flexible, and tailor-made to streamline your restaurant operations.

1. Restaurant

Easily Configurable for Your Restaurant

We’ll help you configure the ideal setup for your restaurant with as many stations as you need, kitchen displays, printers, and more.

Online Ordering and Pay-at-Table

Let your customers order right from your website, order takeout & delivery, have them pay at the table—whatever your business model requires.

2. Order Online
3. Team Members Interface

Intuitive Interface for Team Members

With a simple touch of the screen, your staff can clock-in, track tables, customize orders, perform real-time station monitoring, process payments, print receipts, and more.

Back-of-House Controls... Wherever You Are

Monitor and manage your operations on the floor from any POS station, or do it all right from your phone with our free mobile apps.

4. Back of House Controls
5. Data Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights & Reports

SpotOn Restaurant takes the massive amount of data your restaurant generates and transforms it into reports, insights, guidance, alerts, and action-packed charts designed to help you boost performance and efficiency.

Powerful Integrations

Easily connect your POS data to other software platforms and apps you already use, such as QuickBooks, Peachworks, and Payroll.

6. Powerful Integrations
7. Free Updates

Free Updates

Rest easy knowing that your POS software will always keep you on the cutting-edge, thanks to the cloud-based software delivery.

Engage Your Customers to Boost Revenue

To get a leg up on competition, operating your restaurant smoothly is only half the battle. It’s equally important to engage your customers and drive repeat visits. SpotOn makes it easy to do just that with our Core suite of customer engagement tools.

  • Create marketing campaigns in moments to connect with your customers via email, social media, and mobile alerts
  • Incentivize repeat visits with a custom loyalty rewards program that is integrated with your POS system and checkout process
  • Monitor and manage your online reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare from one intuitive dashboard
  • Activate automated campaigns to boost your overall score on review sites, send birthday rewards, and trigger visits from different segments of customers
  • Analyze and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns with intuitive analytics that connect your efforts to transaction data
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“When you partner with SpotOn, you get our unparalleled concierge-style support, not only to assist you with your POS system, but also to create a marketing strategy tailor-made for your business.”