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Coordinate your staff with restaurant scheduling software

Do your schedule in minutes, control labor costs, and let your team seamlessly manage their shifts with SpotOn Teamwork.

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Make every

Employee scheduling can feel like a high-stakes guessing game. Either you overspend or risk being understaffed. With SpotOn Teamwork, you see your projected costs and sales right next to your schedule, so you can staff your restaurant effectively and stay on budget. No guesswork needed.

Powerful scheduling tools that work together

Get your schedule done, fast

Ditch spreadsheets and disjointed apps for shift scheduling. SpotOn Teamwork gives you an employee scheduling solution that makes coordinating your staff faster.

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    Intuitive scheduling

    Create templates. Duplicate past schedules. Drag-and-drop shifts. Rotate sections and times. Then publish to your team.

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    POS integration

    Ensure information is accurate everywhere. With a direct point-of-sale integration, your schedule and POS are always in sync.

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    Multiple locations

    Overcome labor shortages. View staffing needs across multiple locations and borrow or schedule employees as needed.

Protect your bottom line

Safeguard your profit and your business. SpotOn Teamwork lets you set rules to manage labor costs and stay compliant with local laws.

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    Cost projections

    Keep labor costs in check. View labor forecasting, set a budget, and restrict publishing schedules that violate your parameters.

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    Clock-in verifications

    Avoid costly overtime. Block early clock-ins and only allow time on the clock with prior manager approval.

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    Labor compliance

    Stay compliant with local labor laws. Make breaks mandatory and send automated reminders to employees when shifts require them.

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Empower your team

With SpotOn Teamwork's restaurant scheduling app, your staff can view work information and manage their shifts—all from their phone.

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    Intuitive interface

    Give your team visibility into their upcoming shifts and weekly stats from a dashboard. And all the details are just a couple of taps away.

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    Shift management

    Let staff request shift swaps, pickups, or time off instantly. They can even see who they're working with for any shift.

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    Pay information

    Build trust with your employees. Let them view their paychecks and tips for each shift the moment they're issued.

Go beyond scheduling

SpotOn Teamwork brings together employee scheduling, payroll integration, and tip management all in one place.

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Take the headache out of payday. Connect your payroll systems to your POS to make paying your staff fast and accurate.

Tip management

Automate tip distributions, build trust with accurate tips, and ensure your team gets paid out on time, every time.

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Your restaurant is unique. That's why we customize SpotOn solutions to the way you work. Our technology is backed by a few promises:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment
  • A local account executive that's ready to assist whenever you need help
  • An implementation team to set up your system the way you want it from the get-go
  • 24/7/365 phone support from real people that respond to requests within a few minutes
  • Experts who'll ensure your restaurant tech is running perfectly—today and tomorrow

Find out how restaurant scheduling software can streamline your operations

SpotOn Teamwork can run solo or integrate with SpotOn Restaurant POS. Get in touch with a restaurant expert today to see if SpotOn's employee management solutions are right for your restaurant.

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