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Take payments anywhere with a virtual terminal & mobile POS system

Turn any device into a mobile POS system. Accept payments on your computer with SpotOn Virtual Terminal. Or take payments on your mobile device with the SpotOn Payments app.

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Because business

Online. Over the phone. In person. You should get paid wherever you do business. SpotOn’s virtual terminal and mobile payments app make it simple to take payments from your phone or laptop without a special device—so you have the freedom to do business anywhere.

Digital payments that work for you

Take payments on the spot

Accept credit cards over the phone, in person, or even when a card isn't present. No hardware required.

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    Charge credit cards from your computer. Just enter the card information in the virtual terminal of the SpotOn Dashboard.

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    Mobile app

    Process payments, voids, or refunds from your phone or tablet with our free app. Available for iPhone and Android.

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    Card reader

    Tap, dip, swipe, and scan. Connect our optional Bluetooth card reader to make in-person payments even faster.

Automate your revenue

Create certainty for your business. SpotOn Virtual Terminal lets you accept up-front deposits and collect payments promptly without the stress.

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    Branded invoicing

    Send out professional invoices in minutes with brandable templates that feature your business information and terms and conditions.

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    Email reminders

    Let the tech follow up for you. Set up automatic email reminders to clients that stop as soon as you've been paid.

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    Recurring billing

    Let regulars pay automatically. Keep customer cards on file and schedule payments and frequency according to your terms.

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Do more with your data

Securely manage your information and use it to expedite transactions and drive more business.

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    Customer accounts

    See all your customers at a glance. Add information and multiple payment methods, create payments, or view past transactions.

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    Transaction history

    Get a summary of your payments from all devices. Search, filter, and export according to transaction status.

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    Marketing integration

    Send out emails, create loyalty rewards, and manage your reviews by seamlessly connecting with SpotOn's marketing tools.

Work with real people who
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We’re passionate about helping local businesses succeed. Our technology is customized for you and backed by a few promises:

  • Honest pricing with no hidden fees and no long-term commitment
  • A local account executive that's ready to assist whenever you need help
  • 24/7/365 customer phone support that responds to requests within a few minutes
  • Experts who'll ensure your tech is running smoothly—today and tomorrow

See how a virtual terminal can help your business

Looking for a way to accept payments on your terms? Get in touch with a sales representative today and see if SpotOn Virtual Terminal is right for your business.

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