Success story

A pizza joint’s quick rise

How the busy owner-operator of Fat Zach’s Pizza increases profits and saves time with SpotOn.

A pizza joint’s quick rise
Fat Zach’s Pizza|Puyallup, Washington
GoalThe goal

When Johns had the opportunity to scale quickly, he needed tools to increase profits and a trusted business partner to provide resources and technical support. He also needed in-depth reporting, accessible from anywhere, to save Johns and his managers precious time.

SolutionThe solution

With a Capital loan, Johns could quickly access funding to pay for equipment and upgrades and pay it back from a percentage of his daily sales. He can reach more customers with SpotOn Delivery, which routes orders directly to his POS instead of multiple third-party tablets. Intuitive sales and labor reports help Johns make smart staffing decisions and keep labor costs down.

The results

saved on weekly admin


decrease in labor cost


savings in yearly credit card processing fees

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“My business is my family and SpotOn feels like part of that family. SpotOn is there to help us with technical support, with resources, with SpotOn Capital, and with reports. It’s like they took everything from all the geniuses in the restaurant industry and put it into a POS system.”

Zach Johns
Zach Johns
Owner, Fat Zach’s Pizza

Fat Zach’s Pizza is a community-oriented pizza spot with three locations offering delivery, catering, and pizzas in a family friendly atmosphere. With SpotOn as a partner, owner-operator Zach Johns can access detailed reporting to decrease labor costs, transparent funding through SpotOn Capital, and streamlined online ordering and delivery.

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