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Coordinating a Caribbean restaurant

How Freetown Road Project effortlessly stays on top of business.

Coordinating a Caribbean restaurant
Freetown Road Project|Jersey City, New Jersey
GoalThe goal

Lewis needed a modern cloud-based platform that would streamline communications between the front-of-house and back-of-house and give him access to his restaurant information from anywhere.

SolutionThe solution

With SpotOn Restaurant, orders go directly to the kitchen, prices and menu items can be adjusted on the fly, and Lewis can see everything right from his phone. On top of that, he also enjoys 24/7/365 customer support.

The results

faster access to funds


increase in kitchen productivity


customer service and fewer errors

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“SpotOn reporting and the manager app keep me totally in sync when I’m not at the restaurant. From anywhere, I can see the number of open tables, who is doing what, and even see payroll and labor costs with a breakdown of how much we’re making. It's so easy to know what’s going on hourly and daily when I’m not at the restaurant.”

Claude Lewis
Claude Lewis
Owner, Freetown Road Project

After winning the popular TV show Chopped, Claude Lewis set out to showcase the flavors of Antigua and Barbuda in his new Caribbean restaurant—Freetown Road Project. And with SpotOn, he found a restaurant POS where he could maintain a bird’s-eye view of his entire operation.

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