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Fresh cuts and faster sales

How barber and business owner Jose Moya sells products and services with ease thanks to SpotOn Retail.

Fresh cuts and faster sales
Get Faded Barbershop|Santa Cruz, CA
GoalThe goal

When Moya opened his own barbershop, he quickly expanded from cutting hair to selling unique products and growing a team of talented barbers. He needed one platform to sell both products and services that his new employees could pick up easily.

SolutionThe solution

With SpotOn Retail, Get Faded doesn’t have to switch between platforms to do business. All their data is accurate and streamlined, accessible from anywhere via the SpotOn Dashboard. The check-out process is faster thanks to SpotOn Retail’s intuitive interface and the ability to add product images. And with dual pricing, Moya can save on processing fees that can go toward their expansion.

The results

Faster checkout


Savings in yearly credit card processing fees

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“SpotOn has a lot of cool features that help business owners out. I like the fact that you can add pictures to the catalog, so people working the register know exactly which item to click on, and you can sell gift cards too. Plus, everything’s in one place.”

Jose Moya
Jose Moya
Owner, Get Faded Barbershop

Get Faded Barbershop is so much more than a hip place to get a haircut. Owner Jose Moya sells custom merchandise, hair solutions, and even collaborates with a local brewery to make a beer. When he’s not creating, Moya can check in on how his solutions and services are selling on the SpotOn Dashboard and find accurate data in one place.

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