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Managing 3 popular Japanese restaurants

How Momoya streamlines operations across multiple locations with SpotOn.

Managing 3 popular Japanese restaurants
Momoya|New York City, New York
GoalThe goal

After taking over his sister's booming Japanese restaurant, Lee needed a POS system that could work across multiple locations, simplify order-taking and payment processing, integrate with delivery apps, and provide remote access to reports.

SolutionThe solution

With SpotOn's cloud-based platform, Lee can monitor his restaurants from anywhere. And while SpotOn Handhelds increase sales and tips with easy patio-guest management, the ItsACheckMate integration feeds orders directly into the POS.

The results

increase in daily orders


increase in average tips

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“SpotOn makes my job much easier. I don’t have to be at the physical location to access data—I can be anywhere. For anyone with multiple locations, this kind of system is a must. The handheld device is essential for restaurants with outdoor seating. It makes our closeout much easier than before.”

KwangHo Lee
KwangHo Lee
Owner, Momoya

With 130 employees and 3 location, Momoya is one of New York's top sushi restaurants, serving traditional and inventive Japanese cuisine. Looking to streamline operations, owner KwangHo Lee leverages SpotOn technology to manage multiple location and boost his overall revenue.

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