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Less steps. Higher tips.

Shep’s leveraged tech to get orders to the kitchen faster, improving both the staff and guest experience.

Less steps. Higher tips.
Shep’s|Weatherford, Texas
GoalThe goal

With 12,000 square feet of space, a 200-person capacity party room, and only one kitchen to make it happen, Shep’s has little margin for error. Owners John and Jennifer Shepherd wanted to equip their servers and kitchen staff with the tools to do their jobs more efficiently. They also needed richer data to inform menu updates and make accounting easier.

SolutionThe solution

Shep’s cloud-based restaurant POS is the nerve center of the restaurant, providing Shepherd with key information to identify which items aren’t selling. To speed up order times despite the vast floor, servers use a handheld POS so guests get their food and drinks faster and large parties get faster service. Plus, intuitive tech means managers aren’t stuck in the back office—they’re shaping the guest experience on the floor.

The results
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Faster order times


Increase in tips

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“SpotOn has done amazing things for us. We've been able to speed up our kitchen. It makes us way more efficient.”

John Shepherd
John Shepherd
Owner, Shep’s

John Shepherd was drawn to the restaurant industry because no two days are the same. Between payroll, menu engineering, and last-minute bussing, Shep’s Owners, John and Jennifer Shepherd stay busy. For the Shep’s team, restaurant tech creates order out of chaos, whether that’s in the kitchen, the dining room, or taking payment for private events.

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