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Run Secure Payments Right from Your Computer

So much of the business we do these days happens on a computer, so why run to your POS system or hardware payment terminal every time you need to run a customer payment? Our built-in virtual terminal makes it a snap to take payments online, right from a computer, laptop, or tablet.

  • Get paid fast on card payments, plus run voids and refunds
  • Save time by storing card-on-file data
  • Email receipts directly to customers
  • View real-time transaction data from your phone or online
  • Grow revenue with SpotOn's built-in customer engagement tools

A Time-Saving Solution for Any Type of Business

The SpotOn Virtual terminal is a perfect payment solution, whether you do most of your work in a back office, work from home, or simply have occasions where it’s a hassle to log in to your point-of-sale system to run a transaction.

  • Contractors. Accept deposits and payments over the phone.
  • Medical Service Providers Take payments at the reception desk without the need of a point-of-sale or pinpad terminal.
  • Professional Services. Process client payments right from your computer.
  • Retail. Run transactions for phone/mail/email orders and keep records of shipping information.
  • Restaurants. Process catering or delivery orders from the convenience of your office without having to fire up your POS.

3 Easy Steps to Secure Payments

  1. 1. Log In to Your SpotOn Dashboard
    On a desktop or laptop computer, visit www.spoton.com to sign in to your SpotOn Dashboard and open the Virtual Terminal.
  2. 2. Type in the Transaction Details
    Enter the transaction amount, along with the customer’s credit card information and billing details, and then click “Submit Transaction.” That’s it! You also have the option of storing the card information on file for future transactions.
  3. 3. Search Customer Accounts and View Your Transaction History Any Time
    Access a complete history of transactions you have completed on the Virtual Terminal to easily find shipping information, PO numbers, process voids and refunds, run repeat transactions, and more.