Large retailers aren’t the only ones that can get a package from the warehouse to a customer’s doorstep in one or two days. With retail POS shipping integrations, small businesses can now deliver the same level of convenience and winning customer service.

How SpotOn’s Shipping Integrations Empower Local Businesses to Compete with National Retailers
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Rising customer expectations.

Three things now define the customer experience:

  • Quick and easy access
  • Affordable delivery
  • Local pickup

But consumers also have a strong preference to shop local:

  • 72% of consumers would prefer to buy from an independent store rather than a national retailer if they were equally convenient and relatable
  • 81% of consumers would be more likely to purchase from an online retailer that offers a flat shipping cost or delivery rate versus variable rate

Small businesses that offer a convenience and reliability will win big:

  • 63% of consumers would purchase from an independent retailer over a national retailer if it offered same-day delivery, buy online and pickup in-store, and curbside pickup options
  • 68% of consumers would buy holiday gifts from an independent store instead of a national retailer if the items were directly delivered

Leveling the playing field with tech.

Small businesses can build their competitive advantage with software-enabled shipping integrations, which offer:

  • Automation: Full-integrated, automated solution that streamlines order processing and fulfillment
  • Omnichannel product catalog: Allows you to keep track of what products you’re shipping and when
  • Convenience: Offer customers same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and two-day delivery
  • Digital storefront: Customized ecommerce site to sell customers anytime, anywhere
  • Lower shipping costs: Affordable shipping rates to help you reach a national audience
  • Data ownership: You own and control your data, not a third-party vendor

The value of an omnichannel experience.

With flexible, omnichannel purchasing options, small businesses can drive more sales:

  • 78% of consumers would be more likely to purchase form a store that offers both in-person and online purchase options versus a store that only offers one or the other
  • These preferences vary by age: 40% of young adults are more likely to shop at a store that offers both options versus 29% of adults 45+
  • The buy online, ship in-store option would motivate 38% of holiday shoppers to make a purchase
  • 45% of young adults versus 33% of seniors would be more likely to purchase gifts from an indpendent retailer ove ra national retailer if it offered a buy online, pickup in-store option

Primed to compete.

Customers now expect convenience, affordable delivery, and flexible pickup options. For too long, national retailers were better positions to meet these demands, but through an integrated software solution with built-in shipping features, small businesses can deliver the same value and exceptional service to customers.

Source: 2021 Consumer Shopping Study

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