As your guests get back to their regular routines, you are managing full-capacity dining rooms, welcoming an influx of seasonal travelers, and maintaining a robust online ordering business. Here are some tips to help enhance your guest experience and grow your revenue as you adjust to the new normal.

SpotOn infographic: 6 Tips for Operating Your Restaurant in the New Normal
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Keep it streamlined.

Keep your restaurant margins strong with a streamlined menu for takeout and delivery that caters to your online ordering customers and is also efficient for your back-of-the-house team.

Prepare your onboarding and training game plan.

As you welcome new team members, make sure you have an effective and efficient training plan to get them up to speed on your operation. From your point-of-sale system and online ordering process to your HR policies and benefits, easy-to-use technology and integrated people management programs are key to ramping up new team members quickly.

Let customers know.

Use your email marketing and social media channels to keep your customers updated on your hours of operation, menu additions, and special events and promotions. Maintain your competitive edge via a strong promotional channel and showcase what sets your restaurant apart from others.

61% of people prefer to receive emails from businesses over other types of messaging. (1)

Reward faith and build loyalty.

A great loyalty program can help you reward your faithful guests and reward new ones who have taken the plunge and trusted you to provide a great in-person experience.

A loyalty program can provide businesses from 25-95% in profit growth with a 5% increase in customer retention. (2)

Upgrade your tech.

Now it's the perfect time to upgrade the technology you use to run your restaurant. An integrated system can help you streamline operations from the front of the house to the back of the house and even online. Easy-to-use tech will save your time, speed up your staff training time, and create a more seamless guest experience. Don't forget: if you've received SBA loans as part of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, that money can be used toward improvements to your technology and operations.

Over 75% of restaurant operators have noted the benefits of mobile devices as the main reason for upgrading their POS systems. (3)

Use technology for safety.

Good businesses use clever technology to create a seamless guest experience, so your guests spend less time trying to figure out how to order, pay, or make a reservation and more time enjoying your restaurant. Tech like QR codes offer faster service; handhelds make taking orders easier, faster, and more accurate; and contactless payment saves time and hassle.

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