A southern restaurant sees profits go north.

How 11th and Bay maximized their table turns to boost revenue.

  • Business Name
    11th & Bay Southern Table
  • Industry
    Restaurants & hospitality, fine dining
  • Location
    Columbus, Georgia
  • SpotOn

Owner Mike Harrell brings southern cuisine and hospitality to Columbus, Georgia with his restaurant, 11th and Bay. By implementing SpotOn Reserve, he can turn more tables and generate more sales, along with higher server incomes.


“Our average Friday and Saturday sales used to be $9k - $10k. With SpotOn Reserve, we take in $12k, $13k, $14k and run more smoothly because there’s no longer that big crash in the kitchen.”

Mike Harrell

Owner, 11th and Bay Southern Table


The goal.

After multiple reservations systems had let him down, Mike Harrell was looking for a platform where his guests could easily book reservations online. He also was hoping to consistently fill the third table turn to break his revenue barrier.


The solution.

With data from SpotOn Reserve, Harrell could determine the most efficient table turn times and control the pace of the evening. Along with fairly distributing tables to servers, the reservation solution also optimized seating to increase profits by 28%.

The results.


increase in table turns


increase in weekend sales


increase in servers' annual income

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