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Hillary Holmes, a 20-year veteran of the hospitality industry, knows firsthand how challenging it is to manage a restaurant. Click to watch and learn how you can overcome some of the biggest issues you’re facing today. Plus, walk through the best restaurant management tools to help you get there.

Reporting and data insights

Take the guesswork out of your biggest decisions. Real-time reporting can give you the insights you need to optimize everything from your menu to your operating hours and employee scheduling.

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There are a ton of opportunities to save yourself time and boost operational efficiencies with restaurant management software. But where to start? Hillary Holmes leans on her 20 years of restaurant management experience and innovation to help you get started.

POS, online ordering, waitlist, and reservations

Make the ordering and checkout process easier and what do you get? More table turns. Happier guests. And more productive employees (who are getting tipped better).

Capital & financing for upgrades, expansion, etc

Whether you’re upgrading your restaurant management software, need new kitchen equipment, or are looking to expand, learn how to find the financing you need.

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