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How desserts (and data) drive sales at Joe Muer.

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Joe Muer|Detroit, MI
GoalThe goal

Joe Muer needed a modern, cloud-based point-of-sale system. Functionality was key. Joe Muer servers had to input and modify orders, categorize discounts, and transition to the new system as quickly as possible.

SolutionThe solution

With SpotOn, Joe Muer gained more accurate sales reports and forecasts, helping managers identify trends and understand how different events and processes impact their business. With this new information, Joe Muer made close-out staffing more efficient to save on labor, switched to dessert carts instead of a menu to increase sales, and identified which menu items needed rethinking to save on food costs.

The results

Increase in revenue


Less time spent on payroll


Increase in order volume with online ordering

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“We’re a 100% scratch kitchen. SpotOn reporting has shown us where we can narrow the menu down and reduce food waste. Eliminating food waste and seeing items that aren’t moving really helps with our food costs.”

Dominic Vicari
Dominic Vicari
Operating Partner, Joe Vicari Restaurant Group

In the 40 years the Vicari family has been running restaurants, the restaurant tech landscape has undergone seismic shifts. For Dominic Vicari, it’s an opportunity to hone operations and empower his employees with more information about the business he knows so well. In-depth, to-the-minute reporting that works in sync with a smooth restaurant point-of-sale system means a new generation of tech for a new generation of Vicari restauranteurs.

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