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Quick marketing. Long marinades.

See how automated marketing increased sales and decreased time in the back office.

Quick marketing. Long marinades.
Mi ’N Tea|Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
GoalThe goal

Every time owner-operator Kim Dieu tried to put time into marketing, something broke or someone called out, diverting her attention. She knew marketing required strategy but didn’t have the bandwidth to plan long-term and adapt on the fly. Dieu needed a tool that integrated with her restaurant POS so she could measure the impact on her sales and customer loyalty.

SolutionThe solution

With marketing automation tools built into her SpotOn dashboard, Dieu saves an hour a week on email marketing. Plus, she’s sending emails more regularly on a twice-weekly cadence. Dieu can be more nimble, using limited-time offers (LTOs) to drive foot traffic on a slow day or encourage direct online ordering.

The results

Per week on marketing campaigns


Sales attributed to marketing over 2 months


Deals redeemed over 2 months

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“SpotOn makes the back and the front-of-the of the house a lot easier to manage.”

Kim Dieu
Kim Dieu
Owner, Mi ’N Tea

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine and crowd-favorite dishes are Mi ’N Tea’s specialty. As a family-owned and operated restaurant, the days are never long enough, but the payoff is worth it. Mi ’N Tea runs a robust online ordering business and connects with its loyal following through regular deals and specials. With an upcoming pho concept and plans for the future, Mi ’N Tea knows the value of a welcoming brand and thoughtful marketing strategy.

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