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Boosting Bookings with SpotOn Reserve

How a fine dining concept boosts profit margins with more bookings.

Boosting Bookings with SpotOn Reserve
Santé|Charlotte, North Carolina
GoalThe goal

With food and labor costs going up, Reed needed to increase profitability. For Santé, this meant incorporating their 20-person patio into their restaurant reservation system and minimizing the time spent taking reservations over the phone. They needed a restaurant reservation solution that would allow them to block out prime times to increase table turns on busy weekends.

SolutionThe solution

With SpotOn Reserve, Santé can max out reservations without the increased labor spend on a dedicated staff member. Front-of-house manager Veronica Reed can run a more efficient reservation operation and Santé’s staff has more time to attend to customers rather than a ringing phone. Santé increased their visibility by integrating SpotOn Reserve with Google. Automated confirmation emails mean reduced cancellations and no-shows and Santé can increase table turns during peak evenings by blocking out prime slots. Best of all, Chef Reed no longer has to interrupt his butchering to take a reservation. Less gloves, more bookings.

The results

Increase in reservations with online booking


saved per week on managing reservations


Increase in yearly revenue

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“There are no slow nights any more. We used to hope to get to half capacity. Now we know we’re going to do 60% capacity every week night and the weekends are always busy.”

Adam Reed
Adam Reed
Chef and Owner, Santé

Chef Adam Reed and his wife and business partner Veronica Reed have a lot to juggle. His days are filled with butchering and kitchen prep and his nights are spent by the stovetop, plating french-influenced fine dining cuisine with the utmost care. Veronica Reed oversees a bustling front-of-house. With their limited bandwidth, they operate a small restaurant with limited covers–they don’t have time to sit waiting by the phone, but they can't afford to miss out on bookings either.

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