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4 Reasons Your Clients Prefer Online Appointment Scheduling

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December 14, 2020

Did you know that 56.4 % of people say they are frustrated with waiting on hold and the inconvenience  of only being able to book appointments by phone during business hours? Booking over the phone also requires your staff members to keep track of, organize, and coordinate appointments, turning it into a time-consuming chore. With consumers relying more on their mobile devices for ordering take-out, delivery, and even groceries, it's no surprise that they also expect other services to be available on their phone, including booking appointments. Here are four reasons to add online appointment booking for your business.

1. It's Convenient

With online appointment scheduling, customers can book an appointment at any time of the day, from their preferred channel: Facebook or your website. They can book an appointment from their iPads while having breakfast, or from their computers during a break from work—even from their smartphones in the middle of the night when your business is closed! They can also get convenient reminder notifications and have instant access when they need to make changes or provide additional information to you.

2. It Makes You Look Reliable

Booking an appointment is the first point of contact that a customer will have with your business, so it's crucial to make an strong first impression. Customers feel confident knowing the prices, taxes, service duration, and payment options right away. They like to research before picking a service or business. Online booking checks all these boxes. Plus, having all appointment-related details and payment options readily available online makes you look reliable, which is also good for your online reputation.

4 Reasons Why Your Customers Prefer Online Appointment 2

3. It Makes Clients Feel In Control

Service personalization helps customers feel like they are more than a number, so it's important to make sure that you adapt your tools to match their needs. Booking appointments online offers customers the opportunity to carefully select their services at their preferred dates and times. When you give them more choices, like how they view and use your calendar, it helps them feel empowered and satisfied.

4. They Don’t Like Waiting on the Phone

The millennial generation turned 40 this year, and one of the top reasons they list for not making phone calls is that it's "too time-consuming." Conventional over-the-phone appointment scheduling keeps customers waiting on hold, while members of your staff are stuck coordinating and organizing bookings manually in real-time. With online appointments, you not only make the whole process more convenient for your clients, but also  free up your staff and reduce mix-ups and cancellations, saving you time and money. Lastly, you gain the ability to collect information about your clients, learn from their behavior and preferences to improve their future experiences, and increase sales.

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