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5 Restaurant POS Reports to Accelerate Revenue

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Topics: Restaurants, Product Updates

November 5, 2018

Back in October, SpotOn announced the acquisition of EmaginePOS, a best-in-class point-of-sale solution specifically for restaurants. With that acquisition, SpotOn inherited a wealth of experience and know-how for providing our restaurant merchants with the best tools on the market to manage and grow their businesses. As a result, the updated SpotOn Restaurant offers an amazing toolset, including unparalleled reporting capabilities. Here are our five most popular Restaurant POS reports and how you can use them to boost efficiency and profitability.

SpotOn Restaurant POS Reporting

1. Sales & Labor by Hour

One of the most difficult aspects of managing a restaurant is staffing your restaurant appropriately. Schedule too many employees during a slow period and you could be paying them to sit around doing nothing. The “Sales & Labor by Hour” report in SpotOn Restaurant makes it easy to see not only your total sales by hour, but also what percentage of those sales are going directly to pay for your on-shift employees. It’s a great way to figure out your peak hours at a glance and determine your labor-to-revenue ratio.

2. Product Mix

This report allows you to sort all your menu items by parent categories, by day and time, or by top sellers to quickly see what’s selling and what’s not. To do a deeper dive into your product mix, you can input your cost for each menu item. That gives you the data you need to determine the profitability of each item. If you discover an item is popular but not making you any money, you’ll know how much more you should be charging for that item and that there’s enough demand to warrant the price hike. On the flipside, if you discover an item that’s in low-demand and turns a low profit, it’s time to retire that item from your menu.

3. Employee Sales

SpotOn Restaurant not only makes it easy for your staff members to do their job, it also gives you the reporting tools to monitor their performance. The “Clock-In” report makes it easy to see when your staff members clock-in and clock-out, while the “Employee Sales” report shows you who is performing the best. With that unbiased data at your fingertips, you can easily monitor your employees for sudden jumps and dips in performance, and reward or mediate the behavior immediately.

4. Station Sales

In the same way that certain menu items do well while others don’t, you might discover that different stations perform better than others, particularly if you run a large restaurant. The “Station Sales” report lets you monitor and compare all of your payment stations. Have a suspicion that your patio sales are too low in the winter to warrant hiring extra servers for that section of the restaurant? This data report will give you a definitive answer.

5. Transactions

SpotOn Restaurant gives you a wide range of data and analytics when it comes to transactions. You can quickly view total payments, tips, your top items, and payment types and volumes, just to name a few. However, the most useful metric might be the “Top Spenders” category, which shows you how much your top spenders are dropping, as well as what they’re purchasing and when. Want to know who your VIP customers are? Here they are, and now you know exactly what they love about your restaurant.

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