Stadium Point of Sale Features: Customer Oriented & Intuitive Software

5 years ago   •   4 min read

By Maeve Cloherty

Whether it’s an NFL arena or MLB ballpark, the sports may be different but the concessions and fan enthusiasm are one and the same. Stadiums require different considerations when it comes to their payment processes because of the large crowds and peak hours like intermission or half-time. An efficient and robust stadium POS system can shorten up those lines and create a smoother, more enjoyable experience for the fans. Here are our top point-of-sale features for stadiums.

Customer-oriented products.

The team, your venue, and the concessionaires would be nothing without the excited fans filling the stadium and getting merchandise and food/beverages sold. The customers are the most important component of a successful venue, so it’s imperative that the POS products throughout the entire facility enhance the experience.

Products like mobile ordering and self-service kiosks put ordering in your guests’ hands, leading to more efficiency and larger purchases. When customer-facing displays are incorporated in the venue, customers will have ease of mind with quick and easy payments.

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Intuitive software.

Easy-to-use software is the next element to perfecting a stadiums’ payments process. Finding products with iOS or Android familiarity for your staff and customers goes a long way when cutting down wait times and providing seamless transactions. By providing an intuitive system, you also cut back staff training time and costs.

The enterprise software at SpotOn is built on familiar products like iPhones, iPads, and Androids, so staff can learn the processes quickly. This also leaves little room for staff errors when inputting payments.

Sturdy hardware.

The next important feature in a point-of-sale system for stadiums and arenas is ruggedized, trustworthy hardware. Your staff doesn’t have time to deal with flaky hardware during the commotion of game time, which is why it’s important to make the investment in products that are built to last.

Back-of-house management.

From inventory management to real-time analytics, what happens in the back-of-house is just as important as what the customers see. The POS system should be able to keep track of reports adequately and provide analytics in real-time, so items never go out of stock and venue operators can keep tabs on the hot sellers and the products that don’t do as well.

Client support.

Last but certainly not least,  the client support capabilities that the vendor provides to the stadium is crucial for problem-solving and error fixes. You may be purchasing the best product and most compatible system for your venue, but there will always be a chance for mistakes or glitches. The POS system for stadiums should be equipped with personalized client success managers or support specialists that are readily available to support the venue.

Now that you know the most important features of a point-of-sale system for stadiums and arenas, learn more about how SpotOn is transforming the top venues across the nation. See our latest implementations at the Honda Center and multiple NFL stadiums and other multi-use stadiums.

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