Award Winning Local Restaurants

From World's 50 Best to Michelin Star and regional award winners, SpotOn is proud to partner with these amazing restaurants and breweries.

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By Ariel N. Banayan

Last updated March 2023

At SpotOn, we love to see restaurants and breweries succeed at what they do best. While we supply the restaurant tech to make the job easier, it’s not about us. Restaurant operators and staff are the ones out there doing the impossible, giving it their all until the very last guest leaves through the door feeling satisfied.

That’s why we put together a list of the award-winning restaurants using SpotOn tech in their operations. We're here to celebrate their accomplishments and successes in doing what they love—creating great cuisine and perfecting dining experiences for every guest.

Great Lakes


Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine. Chicago, Illinois.

  • While Chicago has plenty of unique food options, Chefs Tsadakeeyah and Nasya Emmanuel wanted to bring an entirely different experience that they weren’t finding in their town. That’s why they started Majani, a soulful and vegan comfort food inspired by their Swahili upbringing. recently placed Majani as one of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Chicago.



Grandma’s Philly. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Everybody loves their grandma’s cooking. That’s why Chef Locket was motivated to bring her favorite Thai food to the city of brotherly love. Her restaurant, Grandma’s Philly, proudly claims it is the first to bring Thai Tapas to Philadelphia. recently ranked Grandma’s Philly as one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

Antique Bar & Bakery. Hoboken, New Jersey.

  • A New Jersey staple, Antique Bar & Bakery has been serving up fresh bread, meals and drinks to locals and travelers alike. With a 30-ton brick oven and passion, they’re especially proud to have made Frank Sinatra’s favorite bread he’d allegedly take with him everywhere. Their birria burger, which places Mexican birria style meat into a bun, was recently featured on, the largest digital news in all of New Jersey.


Regional Awards

Left Hand Brewing Company. Longmont, Colorado.

  • Founded by Air Force buddies Eric Wallace and Dick Doore, Left Hand Brewing Company specializes in brewing the best hand crafted beers with a sense of community, dedication, and passion. The company was awarded the 2022 Brewery of the Year Award (15,001 – 100,000 barrels category) at the Great American Beer Festival.


Michelin Star

Aquavit. New York City, New York.

  • Offering Nordic cuisine with an emphasis on style, Aquavit has a strong reputation for maintaining traditional cuisine alongside experimentations with new techniques and experiences. Michelin highlights that Aquavit takes a special care in noticing every single detail in their cuisine.

Cote. New York City, New York.

Dirt Candy. New York City, New York.

  • This Lower East Side flagship restaurant has one goal in mind—to break past misconceptions surrounding ethical and vegetable based food options. Their menus are seasonal, crafted for anyone craving a fine dining experience and delicious food. The Michelin Star website puts a strong emphasis on Dirt Candy’s ability to make every guest leave feeling nourished.

Masa. New York City, New York.

  • Having won three Michelin Stars, Masa is a New York sushi restaurant with a unique philosophy for the dining experience. The restaurant emphasizes a purity of food as it relates to traditional Japanese dining expectations. Guests are even asked to wear less  perfume, so the eating experience isn’t tarnished.

Northwest & Pacific

National Awards

Kann. Portland, Oregon.

  • After being a contestant on Top Chef, Gregory Gourdet decided to take his passion for Haitian food to the next level by opening up his restaurant, Kann. Inspired by his own memories of Haitian cuisine as a child, Chef Gregory treats every meal as a love letter to his home. Both Esquire and Eater recently ranked Kann as one of the best new restaurants of 2022, which just shows how far this eatery has gone this year alone. Kann was also recently listed as a semi-finalist in the 2023 James Beard Award's best new restaurant category.


Regional Awards

Bon Ton. Atlanta, Georgia.

  • This powerful fusion of Cajun Louisiana style food with a Vietnamese twist dares to be bold and proud. Bon Ton is the perfect place for locals and tourists alike looking to experience a late night drink or meal, which explains why they’re considered one of the top 50 restaurants in the Atlanta area.

Heirloom Market BBQ. Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Heirloom Market BBQ is a roadside eatery run by husband and wife, Cody Taylor and Jiyeon Lee. The couple started the restaurant to combine two amazing culinary traditions—Korean and Southern Style BBQ—into one amazing sensation for the soul. Their hard work has earned them a spot as one of the top 50 restaurants in Atlanta.


Regional Awards

Pondicheri. Houston, Texas.

  • Located in the heart of Houston, Pondicheri is most well known for its Mumbai style menu. They offer a ton of healthy vegetarian options that bring a robust flavor profile for every eager guest. Their great food is why they’re considered one of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Houston.

West Coast

World's 50 Best Restaurants

SingleThread. Healdsburg, California.

  • SingleThread is more than just a farm with a restaurant attached to its side. The tour-de-force establishment is a combination of Japanese style dining experience, including an inn and the farm itself, to meet the needs of every guest. There’s a good reason why SingleThread is named one of the world’s 50 best restaurants, alongside its three Michelin stars and a 2023 James Beard nomination for Kyle and Katina Connaughton in the Best Chef category.

Regional Awards

China Live. San Francisco, California.

  • Founded with the intention to show San Francisco the true power of Chinese cuisine, China Live is a mix of different casual and fine dining restaurants and shops. Touting a ton of authenticity and epic proportions, this dining establishment was recently listed as one of the top 100 independent restaurants of 2022 by Restaurant Online.

COLD Coast Brewing Company. Lompoc, California.

  • As newcomers to the brewing scene, the COLD Coast Brewing Co. isn’t afraid to put their best beer forward. Despite opening in April of 2022, COLD Coast stepped up to the plate at the Great American Beer Festival and won a bronze medal. In their short time brewing craft beers, the company is proud to have accomplished so much with, what co-founder Eric Oviatt considers, a little 3BBL system.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company. Buellton, California.

  • Father and son duo, Jim and Jaime Dietenhofer, founded the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. in 2010 as a way of paying homage to the surrounding Santa Ynez Valley. Since then, the company has grown thanks to a ton of new staff and locations all over the country. The company recently won the bronze medal in the American Beer Fest in the English India Pale Ale or New Zealand India Pale Ale category for the 12th year in a row.

House of Prime Rib. San Francisco, California.

Little Saint. Healdsburg, California.

  • While this plant-based restaurant opened in April 2022, it’s already leaving a big impact on the national food scene. The New York Times recently dubbed Little Saint as one of the best restaurants in United States for 2022, which makes sense once you realize it was started by the same geniuses behind SingleThread.

Mela Bistro. Oakland, California.

  • At this intimate downtown Oakland restaurant, it doesn’t matter whether you’re familiar with Ethiopian food or trying it for the first time. Chef Adiam Tsegaye blends the modern and traditional, creating a dining experience that brings people together and showcasing Ethiopian cuisine. Heralded as one of the Top Ethiopian Restaurants in the Bay Area, it’s the perfect spot to set aside the knife and fork for some authentic injera.

The Hideout Kitchen. Lafayette, California.

  • Brunch becomes more than a specialty at The Hideout Kitchen, which offers a delicious wave of California comfort cuisine to every customer. As a result of making some of the best cocktails and breakfast food around (such as their waffle sandwich and honey fried chicken), Yelp recently listed The Hideout Kitchen as one of the top 100 brunch spots in California.

Viewpoint Brewing. Del Mar, California.

  • Viewpoint Brewing, named as one of the best breweries in San Diego by Thrillest, places a strong emphasis on the collaborative experience of good beer. With a great view of the San Dieguito Lagoon and an outdoor patio, the brewery offers a rotation of craft beer alongside some amazing food options for any party size.

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