After restaurant dining rooms closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, guests grew accustomed to using mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems to pay for their delivery, carryout, and curbside pickup orders. The seamless, contactless digital transactions were convenient and fast, sure, but they were also safe. That eased some anxiety and angst during a pandemic—and kept customers coming through the doors.

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Guests are returning to restaurant dining rooms, but they still want the quick, seamless, and safe transactions that mobile POS systems provide. They want the same experience at the table that they had with carryout and delivery. Adopting a mobile POS solution for your restaurant can help you meet guests' expectations and needs and boost your bottom line.

How your guests benefit from mobile POS systems.

Full-service customers aren't just embracing contactless platforms. They're demanding them.

Nearly half of guests want restaurants to offer online, mobile, kiosk, or tabletop ordering capabilities, Restaurant Business Online reports—and 43 percent would prefer to pay that way, too.

A mobile POS system can streamline the customer experience.

  • More accurate orders. Servers can confirm orders they receive tableside and enter them into a POS system. Even better, guests can input their orders themselves using a contactless dine-in system.
  • Faster service. With a mobile POS system, orders travel immediately from the table to the kitchen—speeding up preparation and shortening the time between ordering and eating.
  • Enhanced safety. The pandemic has left many guests hyperaware of and cautious about the interactions they have. A mobile POS system minimizes staff visits to the table, eliminates most manual transactions (such as a waiter handing a guest a check), and puts people at ease.
  • A smoother experience. Guests don't like to wait—and they really don't like to wait for the check. Guests deserve an easy credit card payment system that they can control to complete the transaction when and how they want, whether they're using a smartphone, tablet, scanner, or electronic payment.

How restaurants benefit from mobile POS systems.

Your restaurant can capture significant value from incorporating a mobile POS system into your workflow. By improving order accuracy, speed of service, and guest safety, you'll be well on your way to having more satisfied guests.

But tech-fueled systems can do even more.

  • Faster table turns. With a mobile POS system, everything moves faster. Orders come out faster, but transactions move quicker, too—especially because staff can fix errors on a check or process payments directly at the table instead of running back and forth between the table and a stationary register. Quicker table turns mean more guests and more revenue—a particularly important reality with many dining rooms still facing capacity limits.
  • More data. Alongside online reservation systems and online ordering platforms, mobile POS systems give your restaurant another opportunity to collect guest data, which you can use for marketing campaigns or loyalty programs. You could also run a survey through your mobile system to gather feedback and drive operational improvements.
  • New sales opportunities. A mobile POS system can help you take your restaurant on the go and capture revenue beyond your restaurant's walls. Whether it's at a food truck rodeo, a catering event, a street fair, or an outdoor venue, the cloud-based software of a mobile POS device positions your restaurant to corral sales wherever they are.

Bringing a mobile POS system into your restaurant.

Integrating a mobile POS system into your restaurant is easy when you have the right resources. Most mobile POS devices, including smartphones and tablets, can link to existing POS hardware and software. Guests get the convenience and comfort they seek, and your staff doesn't have to conquer a steep learning curve.

For example, your restaurant could offer a nearly contactless dine-in experience by letting guests scan a QR code at the table and order and pay with their smartphone. They might never even touch a menu or a credit card. Or you might complete the transaction with a mobile payment app or pair the payment app with a Bluetooth card reader to process transactions with the customer's payment method of choice.

Mobile POS solutions let restaurants collect payments quickly and securely. Established providers are PCI-DSS compliant and encrypt their transactions to bolster security and protect businesses from fraud.

Guests are showing confidence in mobile POS systems and their benefits, too. In its 2019 POS Customer Engagement Survey, retail management consulting firm BRP found that half of consumers would let retailers save their purchasing history, preferences, and personal details if it would make checkout easier and provide them with personalized offers and recommendations.

Amid heightened competition for guests and their evolving expectations, savvy restaurants are looking for every opportunity to improve operations, boost customer satisfaction, and drive performance. Mobile POS systems can do just that—all while helping you deliver meals quickly, accurately, and safely to your gusts. And that's a win-win scenario.

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