Are you starting your own restaurant? Finding the perfect name can be both fun and overwhelming. There's so much potential for creativity, but discovering one that both you and your guests love could feel like an impossible feat.

Let's be honest. Some names are pure genius, while others just fail miserably, taking the business down with them. To make sure your name reaches mastermind status, we've created this step-by-step guide to help you explore all of your options.

On top of that, if you're looking for examples of good restaurant name ideas, browse our list of 280 names by clicking on any of the links below.

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What is a good name for a restaurant?

A good restaurant name is unique, memorable, and on brand. It will turn heads and get people in the door. A bad one will be forgotten quickly or, even worse, turn people's stomachs. Consider these characteristics of a great name.

  • Easy to remember. Short words that flow off the tongue and are easy to pronounce are also easy to remember. Think Starbucks, Red Robin, and Chilis.
  • One of a kind. Coming up with something completely new might be the most challenging part of finding a name. But if you can, it's pure gold.
  • Embodies your brand. Words evoke emotion. Every time your name is uttered, it should convey precisely what your restaurant is all about.
Opening a restaurant checklist

How to name a restaurant?

There are 3 essential components to finding a name for your restaurant: brainstorming, compiling, and researching. We've broken these down into 5 simple (but not easy) steps.

  1. Brainstorm your concept
  2. Use a restaurant name generator
  3. Consider different naming methods
  4. Get feedback from others
  5. Research your options and decide

1. Brainstorm your concept

Grab a pen and paper (notebook) for your best brainstorming productivity. Jot down words and phrases that come to mind when thinking about your future restaurant concept. For instance: Southern, barbecue, sunset, porch, rocking chair, hot summer nights, flavors, sweet and spicy, fried chicken, grits. For now, don't try to come up with a name—just ideas. When you can't think of anything new, close your notebook and take a break.

For the next few weeks, take your pen and notebook wherever you go. When a new idea pops into your head, write it down. Periodically review your notes and cross out concepts that may have seemed good at first but, after a second (or third) glance, don't hit the mark. When your idea is well flushed out, combine your best words onto a single sheet of paper.

2. Use a restaurant name generator

Once you've got your concepts on paper, restaurant name generators are an excellent way to explore possibilities. However, all generators aren't created equal. The best ones are Namelix and ChatGPT. For a more structured approach, go with Namelix. If you just want to throw all your thoughts and ideas into a box, then ChatGPT is your best choice.

Generating restaurant names with Namelix

  1. Go to
  2. Enter words from your brainstorming notes and click Generate
  3. Review the name style examples, choose the best one, and hit Next
  4. Choose the randomness of your generated results, then press Next
  5. In the top field of brand info, add any extra keywords
  6. Next, describe your restaurant type and vibe in a single sentence
  7. Turn on Check Domains and click Generate
  8. To save a restaurant name, click the heart icon next to the name
  9. Click Saved at the top to view your saved names
  10. To get more names with different settings, select Create New Names
  11. Repeat the process until you are happy with your list

Generating restaurant names with ChatGPT

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account if you don't already have one.
  3. In the message field, tell ChatGPT what you want it to do. Ex: Give me 100 restaurant name ideas for a full-service restaurant that serves fried chicken and barbecue ribs. The flavors of the menu are sweet and spicy with a homestyle country vibe. Then, send the message.
  4. Review the list ChatGPT gives you and copy and paste your favorites into a separate document.
  5. Tell ChatGPT how you want it to modify the list in the next prompt. Ex: Use the same criteria I gave you in the previous prompt, but this time, give me names that are only one word and are more geared toward a family-style restaurant.
  6. Repeat these steps until you have a good list of restaurant name ideas.

3. Consider different naming methods

For even more ideas on naming your restaurant, consider the ideas below. If one suits your restaurant's style, add it to your growing list of restaurant name ideas. Don't worry. We'll trim it down in the last step.

  • Your name. Making your name part of your restaurant's name may be exactly what you need to make it different. And no, you're not egocentric. A great example is Mark Wahlberg's Wahlburgers or Jim' n Nick's Community Bar-B-Q.
  • Your relative's name. Maybe you want to honor that special relative who taught you everything you know about cooking by naming your restaurant after them. Callie's Hot Little Biscuit, Aunt Berta's Kitchen, Uncle Larry's Restaurant.
  • Your restaurant's location. Many downtown restaurants will choose names based on location to differentiate themselves—Eleven Madison Park, 11th & Bay Southern Table.
  • Animal names. If you have a favorite animal, consider naming your bar or restaurant after it. A few classic examples are Fox and Goose Public House and The Prancing Pony.
  • One-word names. Often used by fine dining restaurants, one-word names give a feeling of prestige. For some ideas of one-word names, check out our fine-dining restaurant name ideas.
  • Misdirection. Name your bar the opposite of what it is (The Library) so patrons can be sure they always have a "truthful" answer when questioned. "Where were you last night? I was at The Library."
  • Historical figures. If you are a history buff or just have a favorite past hero, consider naming your restaurant after them. Some examples are Lincoln or Teddy and The Bully Bar. Both are in Washington, D.C., of course.

4. Get feedback from others

The next step is to run each name by family, friends, and strangers. Simply let them know you're starting a restaurant, and you'd like to ask them about some restaurant name ideas. Don't give them any other information about your concept.

When interviewing someone, say each name and observe their reaction when they hear it. Are they confused? Do they frown? Or do they nod their head and smile? Note this down next to the name and ask them if they can guess what type of restaurant it is, along with your cuisine. Run your names by at least 25 people and cross out any that aren't understood or liked by the majority of your interviewees.

5. Research your options and decide

Now that others have vetted your list, it's time to make a shortlist. Choose your top 10 ideas and rank them from one to ten. Google each name to see if another restaurant in your area has it. If so, cross it out. Also, check the United States Patent and Trademark Office to see if another restaurant business has trademarked it. If so, then it's not available. Cross it out and move on.

Once you've completed this process, see which names are still available. Take that list and run each name through It'll tell you if the domain name is available, as well as which social media platforms have that name available. If another restaurant in another city has the same name (but it's not trademarked), consider adding your city at the end of the domain to differentiate it. Ex: Most likely, you'll be able to find a variation you're happy with. But if not, remove that name idea. Now, see what you have left and make a decision.

To enhance your name, hire a professional graphic designer to build a brand that can be used on packaging, print materials, social media, and your website. This makes your name come to life and establishes it in your employees' and guests' minds. After that, don't be afraid to shout it from the rooftops (put it on billboards) because you've done the hard work of getting to your perfect name.

Restaurant name ideas list

Pull out your notebook and power up your brainstorming session with our creative restaurant names list. Names have been divided into the 14 most-searched categories. Existing names link to their restaurant websites and are included for your inspiration. Conceptual names have no hyperlinks and have been curated from AI tools or thought up by our writers.

Fast food restaurant names

yellow and red In-N-Out Burger signage
Add your cuisine type to your name for fast food places. Photo by W / Unsplash

Burgers, hotdogs, tacos, burritos, and sandwiches make great fast food (or food truck) options because of their grab-and-go form factor. QSR and food truck restaurant owners should consider incorporating their cuisine into their restaurant names—like Turbo Taco, Whataburger, and High Tech Burrito. This ensures new customers know exactly what you're offering.

  1. Sub Savor
  2. Panda Express
  3. SpeedEats
  4. Turbo Taco
  5. Falafel Flave
  6. High Tech Burrito
  7. Munch Rush
  8. White Castle
  9. Wrap Wagon
  10. Steak n Shake
  11. Sizzle Street Eats
  12. Five Guys
  13. Bigger Burger
  14. In-N-Out Burger
  15. SpudSpot
  16. Raising Cane's
  17. Gyro Galaxy
  18. Whataburger
  19. Wing Fling
  20. Pickleman's

Cafe name ideas

Coffee shop window with the words "Office Coffee - Cocktails"
Come up with a name your customers can relate to. Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Here are some cafe, breakfast, and brunch restaurant names to get you thinking about how to identify your coffee shop or morning eatery.

  1. Brewed Awakening
  2. Dollop
  3. Sip & Savor Cafe
  4. Milk & Honey
  5. Perk Up Paradise
  6. Jumpin' Java
  7. Coffee or Tea
  8. Rejavanation Cafe
  9. Espresso Escape
  10. The Daily Grind Cafe
  11. Urban Grind Hub
  12. Buzz Cafe
  13. Sugar Plum Cafe
  14. Mocha Magic
  15. Espresso Euphoria
  16. The Coffee Coop
  17. Latte Lounge
  18. Brew HaHa!
  19. Caffeine Connection
  20. Summer Moon

Bar names

Quo Vadis bar lighted signage
Make sure your bar name resonates with your patrons. Photo by Craig Whitehead / Unsplash

Bar names often include animals (The Tipsy Cow, Fainting Goat, Hot Bird), someone's name (Ray's Happy Birthday Bar, Marie's Crisis Cafe, Robert's Western World), or rebellious characters (Smuggler's Cove, Whiskey Thief, Lee Harvey's). When choosing your bar name, make sure it speaks to the mood of your bar and that the locals love it. After all, they'll be the ones spending the most time there.

  1. Ad Infinitum
  2. O'Shaughnessy's
  3. The Copper Mug
  4. The Violet Hour
  5. The Basement
  6. Death & Co.
  7. Barrel & Bitters
  8. Laurel Hardware
  9. Midnight Mingle
  10. The Dead Rabbit
  11. Bottoms Up
  12. Salud
  13. Whiskey Whimsy
  14. Iron Horse
  15. Moonshine Oasis
  16. Employees Only
  17. Rum Row Retreat
  18. Dante
  19. The Roaring 20s
  20. Smuggler's Cove

Fancy restaurant names (Fine dining restaurant)

Restaurant sign that says Gotham
Gotham is a popular fine-dining restaurant in New York City

A good name for a fine dining restaurant demands respect. This is why many upscale places have one-word names—Aldama, Benu, Alinea. That word can be a family name, a foreign word, or just one that shows you're an elegant restaurant.

  1. Elysium
  2. Gotham
  3. Sapphire
  4. Single Thread
  5. Crystalline
  6. Cote
  7. Lotus & Fish
  8. Bungalow Kitchen
  9. Secret Ascent
  10. Eight Tables
  11. Luxuria
  12. Providence
  13. Sublime
  14. Camphor
  15. Astral Indulgence
  16. Adalina
  17. Enigma
  18. Francie
  19. Labyrinth
  20. Savoie

Funny restaurant names

Wok In store
Funny restaurant names could work well for QSR concepts. Photo by Pea / Unsplash

Best used for casual restaurants, puns can be a playful way to help people notice your restaurant. But make sure your name doesn't go down sideways with potential guests. Before going with a funny name, run it by 25 random people. Just say, "I'm considering opening a restaurant called [insert restaurant name here]. What do you think?" If they get your concept (and the joke), then proceed. If not, move on to another idea.

  1. Beauty and the Feast
  2. Nacho Daddy
  3. Fry Hard
  4. Lord of the Wings
  5. The Pie Who Loved Me
  6. Thai Tanic Street Food
  7. Lettuce Meat Again
  8. Buns and Roses
  9. Peas of Cake
  10. The Rolling Scones
  11. Let's Taco 'Bout Love
  12. The Codfather
  13. Donut Worry. Be Happy.
  14. The Gouda Life
  15. Whiskey Business
  16. Kale Me Crazy
  17. Cheeses of Nazareth
  18. Wok This Way
  19. Fork My Life
  20. Thai Food Near Me

Cool restaurant names

The Big Chill lightened signage
Cool restaurant names help you market by word of mouth. Photo by Prateek Katyal / Unsplash

Sometimes, you just want to try a restaurant because the name sounds cool. Of course, it can't carry the experience, but it can create intrigue and urge potential guests in. If your restaurant has an eclectic vibe, it may live up to one of our cool name ideas.

  1. The Fig & Pig
  2. Handlebar
  3. The Bohemian Bite
  4. The Twisted Fork
  5. Fusion Fables
  6. Water into Wine
  7. StreetFood Revolution
  8. Urban Fusion
  9. Foodie Frontier
  10. Rebel Roots Kitchen
  11. Stardust Club
  12. Double Knot
  13. Waffleberry
  14. Kinship
  15. Botanico
  16. Per Se
  17. Earthbloom
  18. Zero
  19. Dark Matter
  20. Bones

Cute restaurant names

UNKs coffee shop signage
Cat cafes often have cute restaurant names. Photo by Madalyn Cox / Unsplash

The cutest names are reserved for breakfast nooks, cat cafes, and dog breweries. If you're looking for a cute name for your restaurant, check out this list for some ideas.

  1. Giggle Grove
  2. Hug in a Mug
  3. Fluffy Cloud Cafe
  4. Scruffy's Cafe
  5. Teddy Bear Tea Party
  6. Bark & Brew
  7. Bunny Bliss
  8. Witty Whisker
  9. Pajama Party Cafe
  10. Mewsic Kitty Cafe
  11. Pigtails & Pancakes
  12. Purrington's
  13. Ducky Delights
  14. Bumble Bee Bistro
  15. Tinkerbell's Tavern
  16. Katana Kitten
  17. Puppy Love Pizzeria
  18. Teddy Bear Restaurant
  19. Lovebug Lunch
  20. Coffee & Purrs

French restaurant names

Front of Restaurant "Aux Lyonnais"
Restaurant "Aux Lyonnais" is a Parisian bistro dedicated to the cuisine of Lyon.

French restaurant names and elegance seem to go hand in hand—even when talking about pig's feet (see #12). If you're looking to elevate your dining experience and you serve French cuisine, consider making your restaurant name French.

  1. Le Jardin Enchanté (The Enchanted Garden)
  2. Les Chouettes (The Owls)
  3. La Brise Marine (The Sea Breeze)
  4. Pamplemousse Grille (Grapefruit Grill)
  5. La Douce Mélodie (The Sweet Melody)
  6. L'Ambroisie (Ambrosia)
  7. Le Coin du Fromage (The Cheese Corner)
  8. La Petite Chaise (The Little Chair)
  9. L'Évasion Gourmande (The Gourmet Escape)
  10. L'Étoile Brillante (The Bright Star)
  11. Le Ciel Étoilé (The Starry Sky)
  12. Au Pied de Cochon (At the Pig's Feet)
  13. La Belle Provence (Beautiful Provence)
  14. Le Bernardin  (The Little Bernard)
  15. La Clé du Bonheur (The Key to Happiness)
  16. L'Ami Jean (Friend Jean's)
  17. La Perle Noire (The Black Pearl)
  18. La Coupole (The Dome)
  19. Le Poisson Mystère (The Mystery Fish)
  20. Le Bouchon (The Cork)

Italian restaurant names

Italian restaurant names show off your authenticity. people inside La Perla shop
Italian restaurant names show off your authenticity. Photo by Eduardo Sánchez / Unsplash

Mama Mia! If you serve Italian food, consider some of these name ideas for Italian restaurants.

  1. La Cucina Romantica (The Romantic Kitchen)
  2. Mama Mias Redford
  3. La Trattoria del Sole (The Sun Trattoria)
  4. Il Mulino (The Mill)
  5. Cibo Amore (Food Love)
  6. Il Posto (The Place)
  7. Il Sapore del Mare (The Taste of the Sea)
  8. Il Cortile (The Courtyard)
  9. I Sapori d'Italia (The Flavors of Italy)
  10. Buca di Beppo (Joe's Small Place)
  11. La Cucina d'Amore (The Kitchen of Love)
  12. Felice (Happy)
  13. Amici Cucina (Friends' Kitchen)
  14. Cipriani
  15. La Luna Rossa (The Red Moon)
  16. Il Cielo (The Sky)
  17. La Piazza Incantata (The Enchanted Square)
  18. Il Fornaio (The Baker)
  19. Il Giardino Segreto (The Secret Garden)
  20. Il Capriccio (The Whim)

Mexican restaurant names

Don Pablo's Family Mexican Restaurant storefront
Consider using your name as a way to show off your heritage.

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in America, which means many good names are already taken. So, research and choose a name that separates you from the crowd.

  1. Tacos de la Abuela (Grandma's Tacos)
  2. La Tia Juana’s (Aunt Juana's)
  3. Casa del Sazón (House of Seasoning)
  4. Cuchillo (Knife)
  5. Tortillas del Tesoro (Treasure Tortillas)
  6. La Chiva Loka (The Crazy Goat)
  7. El Sol Picante (The Spicy Sun)
  8. Fajitas & 'Ritas
  9. Los Tres Rancheros (The Three Ranchers)
  10. Rosa Mexicano (Mexican Rose)
  11. Chiles & Cielo (Chiles & Heaven)
  12. Salsa & Agave (Sauce & Agave)
  13. El Alma del Sabor (The Soul of Flavor)
  14. Guadalajara
  15. El Rincón del Pimiento (The Bell Pepper Nook)
  16. Camino Riviera (Riviera Road)
  17. La Hacienda de los Sueños (The Estate of Dreams)
  18. Tijuana Flats
  19. Cielo Azteca (Aztec Sky)
  20. Casa Carmen (Carmen's House)

Spanish restaurant names

The sign of Cerveceria La Sureña
Cerveceria La Sureña is a restaurant chain specializing in Spanish gastronomy.

If you've got a Spanish restaurant, choose a name that's uniquely Spanish so your cuisine isn't confused with the Mexican restaurant down the road.

  1. Tapas Del Sur (Tapas from the South)
  2. Txikito (Little One)
  3. El Sabor Andaluz (The Andalusian Flavor)
  4. Coqueta (Flirtatious)
  5. La Tertulia del Sol (The Sun Chat)
  6. Toro (Bull)
  7. La Sombra del Olivo (The Shadow of the Olive)
  8. La Paella
  9. La Brisa del Mediterráneo (The Mediterranean Breeze)
  10. Taberna del Alabardero (The Halberdier's Tavern)
  11. El Rincón del Flamenco (The Flamenco Corner)
  12. Duende (Soulful Spirit)
  13. Las Delicias de Toledo (The Delights of Toledo)
  14. Bodega (Wine Cellar)
  15. La Feria de Tapas (The Tapas Fair)
  16. Tía Pol (Aunt Pol)
  17. El Sueño Español (The Spanish Dream)
  18. Cúrate (Cure)
  19. Tapas y Sueños (Tapas and Dreams)
  20. El Celler de Can Roca (The Cellar of Can Roca)

Japanese restaurant names

green plant on brown wooden window
Photo by the blowup / Unsplash

People across the nation love sushi. If you're starting a Japanese restaurant, consider a one-word name for upscale ventures—like Momoya—or two words with alliteration for fast casual concepts.

  1. Sushi Swing
  2. Momoya
  3. Onigiri
  4. Nobu
  5. Umami
  6. Arami
  7. Kabuki Dreams
  8. Imanas Tei
  9. Nihon Nectar
  10. Raku
  11. Miso Magic
  12. Sake House
  13. Wasabi Wonderland
  14. Tomo
  15. Kimono Kafe
  16. Yakitori ToriShin
  17. Shogun's Secrets
  18. CoCo Ichibanya
  19. Fujian Fusion
  20. Morimoto

Chinese restaurant names

red and yellow UNKs restaurant
Photo by Gurpartap Sandhu / Unsplash

Some Chinese words and names don't come across well in English. Make sure you run your name by several native speakers before putting it on a sign for all to see.

  1. Wok Hei Haven
  2. Chopstix
  3. Plum Blossom Palace
  4. Dragon City
  5. Five Elements Eaterie
  6. Fortune Garden
  7. Crimson Koi Cuisine
  8. Peking Palace
  9. Phoenix & Dragon Diner
  10. Emperor's Palace
  11. Bamboo Harmony Kitchen
  12. Red Lantern
  13. Spice Route
  14. Little Szechuan
  15. Zen Noodles
  16. Yank Sing
  17. Orchid Blossom
  18. Noodlebird
  19. Dragonfire
  20. Dim Sum Garden

Seafood restaurant names

Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar Storefront
If you serve seafood, consider incorporating the cuisine in your name so your customers know.

If you plan on starting a seafood restaurant, get inspired by some of these fintastic name ideas.

  1. Catch of the Day
  2. Crab House
  3. Under the Sea
  4. Blue Water Grille
  5. Shrimpy's
  6. Seamore's
  7. Marlin's Galley
  8. Catch 35
  9. Pearl Diver
  10. Neptune Oyster
  11. Neptune's Bounty
  12. Coastal Flats
  13. Driftwood Delights
  14. The Captain's Table
  15. Fin & Tide 
  16. Slapfish
  17. Seashell Serenity
  18. The Oceanaire
  19. Salty Currents
  20. Ocean Prime

Leverage tech to amplify your name

Your restaurant name is at the core of your marketing strategy. And a good marketing strategy is powered by the right restaurant POS software. It should integrate with powerful marketing tools—like customer loyalty software, marketing automation tools, and online review management—to ensure you get in front of guests regularly. And when your name is top of mind more often, that brings more profit into your restaurant business.

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