It's taken thousands of pounds of butter, flour, and sugar to get here, but you've made it. If you're opening a bakery, you've got a to-do list longer than the focaccia's proofing time. Alongside acquiring the appropriate permits, kickstarting your marketing strategy, and developing your menu, coming up with a creative and catchy bakery name can take a surprising amount of time.

Here's a list of bakery name ideas for every business, from the wedding cake shop to the authentic French bakery and all the doughy, frosted goodness in between. Here are some of the many bakery name ideas you can find in this article.

Vegan bakery name ideas

Funny bakery name ideas

Cookie bakery name ideas

Cake bakery name ideas

French bakery name ideas

Modern bakery name ideas

Gluten-free bakery name ideas

What makes a good bakery name?

Besides the crumb of your sourdough and the vibrant hue of your red velvet cupcake, your bakery name is how people recognize your business. The best way to start a bakery is to start small: sell at the farmer's market, restaurants, coffee shops, or pop-ups. This helps you determine if your bakery business idea is viable without investing in an expensive brick-and-mortar location first.

However you choose to begin your bakery business, you'll need a restaurant business plan. This should cover everything from the overview to competitive analysis to staffing needs and marketing strategy. It's your guiding light that will help get your bakery business off the ground and give you a means to measure success.

Sticking to a bakery business plan will define the scope of your business. The bakery industry includes a wide range of concepts. From a cake shop that only sells completely customized wedding cakes to large commercial bakeries to the local bakery with a liquor license and open mic nights, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. But when you're opening a new bakery, you don't want to bite off more than you can chew.

Identifying your menu, flagship product, and ideal guest can help you build a successful bakery brand from the get-go. It's also key to picking a bakery name and choosing from a sea of options. If you're focusing on desserts, you may want to forgo "bakery" and opt for "dessert shop" instead. Choosing a bakery name like "cake boutique" implies a more high-end, luxury cake shop. "Cupcake Café" evokes a cute bakery packed with cupcake confections that is an ideal hangout for people of all ages.

Bakery names don't just feature on the awning above your shop. A catchy bakery name can also help potential guests discover you online. Whether you do robust online bakery business, or your planning on getting your bakery online sometime in the future, describing your bakery accurately can help get your virtual pastry shop off the ground.

The best bakery name ideas take into competitive analysis and the wants of your target market into account. What are some clever bakery names in your area? What will resonate with your target audience? What will help you stand out and appear unique in a sea of competitors?

How to choose a bakery name

1. Tell your story

Crafting a compelling business story is essential to your restaurant marketing strategy. It can also help you come up with a creative bakery name that is authentic to your brand identity. Who gave you the inspiration to start a bakery? What is your favorite baked good to create? What made you fall in love with baking?

If you grew up baking oatmeal raisin cookies with your Grandma Sue, you could name your bakery Nana Sue's Cookie Jar Bakery in homage. Don't forget to add plenty of photos and a short history to your small business website's "About us" page.

2. Brainstorm a short (or long) list

Start with a long list, narrow it into a short list, and decide the top three bakery names that resonate with you (and your clientele) the most. If you're starting from scratch, the best way to brainstorm is to write down words you associate with the baking industry.

Using Chat GPT to generate an initial set of names can be helpful. Go to, create a free account, and enter a prompt. Your prompt can be vague, like "creative bakery names," or highly specific, like "Write 100 bakery name ideas for a cute bakery specializing in high tea pastries like scones, finger sandwiches, and petit fours."

Once you have a long list, narrow it down to create a shortlist. Start to brainstorm potential logos, research potential SEO value, and ensure there aren't any similar bakery names in your local area.

3. Test with your target market

You've got a shortlist. Tap into your network of potential guests to get a sense of which bakery name would resonate. This can be as informal as asking your friends and acquaintances their associations with each of your bakery names, and which one is your favorite. If you have gained a large social media following, poll your audience on Instagram or Facebook.

At this point, it helps to draft logos related to your bakery names so your audience can get a feel for the different directions.

Bakery name ideas list

If coming up with bakery name ideas seems time-intensive and you have macarons to pipe, here's a helpful list of potential bakery names.

Vegan bakery name ideas

You want to signal to your audience that they won't find animal products at your bakery, or maybe you want to appeal to a larger audience and keep the vegan aspect subtle. Either way, here are some bakery name ideas for your vegan bakery.

  1. Plant-Based Paradise
  2. Vegan Delight Bakery
  3. Veggie Sweets & Treats
  4. Compassionate Cravings Bakery
  5. Green Leaf Bakery
  6. Mindful Baking Café
  7. Earthy Eats Bakery
  8. Garden Goodies Bakery
  9. Vegan Bliss Bakery
  10. Ethical Eats Bakery
  11. Nutty & Nice Vegan Bakery
  12. Purely Plant-Based Bakery
  13. Leafy Cravings Bakery
  14. The Good Good
  15. Conscious Confections Bakery
  16. Sprout & Sweets Bakery
  17. Vegan Delights Bakery
  18. Vegan Sweets Bakery
  19. Wholesome Bakery
  20. Plant-Powered Pastry
  21. Karma Baker
  22. Green Gourmet Bakery
  23. Vegan Valley Bakery
  24. Earth-Friendly Eats Bakery
  25. The Vegan Vine Bakery

Vintage bakery name ideas

Food is nostalgic. Bring your guests back to a bygone era with these vintage-style bakery names. These might be relevant if you're focused on pies, classic pastries, or other treats that are a blast from the past. Consider adding your town, city, or street name to make these local bakery name ideas.

  1. Nostalgia Nook Bakery
  2. Vintage Sweet Treats Bakery
  3. Retro Cravings Bakery
  4. Classic Comforts Bakery
  5. Old-Fashioned Donut Shop
  6. Timeless Temptations Bakery
  7. Antique Sweets & Treats
  8. Sweet Delights Baked Goods
  9. Heritage Hearth Bakery
  10. Vintage Bakery
  11. The Recipe Box
  12. The Cake Corner
  13. Whimsical Whisk Bakery
  14. Grandmother's Kitchen Bakery
  15. Old World Desser Shop
  16. Old Style Pastry Shop
  17. Back Home Bakery
  18. Nostalgic Bites Bakery
  19. Classic Confections Cottage
  20. Grandma's Pie Company
  21. Ye Olde Bakery
  22. Old-Timey Treats Bakery
  23. Vintage Sweets
  24. Grandma's Goodies Bakery
  25. Retro Treats
Baker restocks baked goods
An authentic French bakery has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Funny bakery name ideas

Coming up with funny bakery names can be challenging. Everyone has a different sense of humor, and you're probably better at creating a cookie everyone loves than writing a joke that leaves everyone in stitches. Still, a funny bakery name can stick in people's heads and make your business memorable. Here are a few catchy bakery name ideas.

  1. Just Dough It
  2. Happiness is a Warm Bun
  3. Pies, Love, and Rock & Roll Bakery
  4. The Muffin Mania Bakery
  5. Rolling Scones Bakery
  6. Bake to the Future Bakery
  7. The Bun Also Rises Bakery
  8. Pie Hard Bakery
  9. Donut Stop Believin' Bakery
  10. Lord of the Pies Bakery
  11. Flour Power Bakery
  12. Scone Alone Bakery
  13. Donut Worry, Be Happy Bakery
  14. The Rolling Pin Bakery
  15. Rise of the Yeast Bakery
  16. Bake it Off Bakery
  17. Donut Be Shy Bakery
  18. Butter Together Bakery
  19. The Great Bake Off Bakery
  20. Bun Jovi Bakery
  21. Challalujah Bakery
  22. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cream
  23. Breaking Bread Bakery
  24. Just Keep Rolling Bakery
  25. The Yeast of Eden Bakery

Maybe you specialize in one baked good in particular and want your potential guests to know. It helps to be particular in your bakery name so everyone knows your new bakery is the spot for cookies (or pies, or wedding cakes, or cinnamon swirl buns).

  1. Cookie Craze Bakery
  2. Crumbs & Co. Cookie Emporium
  3. Cookie Jar Creations
  4. The Cookie Counter
  5. Cravings Cookies & Cream
  6. Cookie Time Bakery
  7. Cookie Monster Bakery
  8. Cookie Carnival Bakery
  9. Dough & Delights Cookie House
  10. The Cookie Cove
  11. Chunky Chip Cookie Co.
  12. Sugar Rush Cookies Bakery
  13. The Cookie Cutter
  14. Cooking with Curves
  15. Cookie Kingdom
  16. Oven Fresh Cookie Company
  17. Dough and Co. Bakery
  18. The Cookie Cart
  19. Munchies & Morsels Cookie Shop
  20. Heavenly Cookie Haven
  21. Wholesome Cookie Co.
  22. Chip City
  23. Crumble & Crave Cookie House
  24. Bite-Sized Bakery Delights
  25. Cookie Carousel Co.

Cake bakery name ideas

If cakes are your specialty, let potential customers know by adding "cake" to your bakery name. Cakes, versus breads and laminated baked goods, are the perfect bakery item for customization. That means alongside cake slices and cupcakes, you offer custom orders and online bakery ordering for everyday and special events, like weddings and birthdays. Here are some unique bakery names to get your cake bakery on the sweet tooth radar.

  1. Sweet Creations Bakery
  2. Custom Cake Haven
  3. Cake Couture
  4. Blissful Bakes
  5. The Little Cupcake Bakery
  6. Whimsical Cakes & Cupcakes
  7. Dreamy Delights Cake Shop
  8. Cake Fantasy Factory
  9. Heavenly Sweets Bakery
  10. Cake Artistry Studio
  11. The Cake Canvas
  12. Joyful Confections
  13. Frosting & Fondant Cake Studio
  14. Celebrate Cakes & Cupcakes
  15. Sweet Serenity Bakery
  16. Cake Elegance Emporium
  17. Bake Me Happy Cupcake Bakery
  18. Slice of Heaven Bakery
  19. Cake Chronicles Dessert Shop
  20. Sweet Surrender Cake Bakery
  21. Laughing Layers Bakery
  22. Cake Magic Moments
  23. Cake Bake Take
  24. The Cake Whisperer
  25. Layers of Bliss Bakery

French bakery name ideas

French bakery names need to have that je ne sais quoi that signals sophistication and authenticity to your potential guests. Maybe you draw inspiration from a particular French pastry or a region in France. Plenty of French phrases have worked their way into the English language, helping get your guests through the door and saying bon appetit in no time.

  1. Patisserie Parisienne Gourmande
  2. Le Croissant d'Or Patisserie (The Golden Croissant Bakery)
  3. Baguette & Bliss Bakery
  4. Le Madeleine Magnifique
  5. French Bread Basket
  6. La Baguette Dorée Patisserie (The Golden Baguette Bakery)
  7. La Boulangerie
  8. Madeleine et Croissant Patisserie
  9. Le Petit Four Français
  10. Baguette et Croissant Bakery
  11. Maison Parisienne
  12. Croissant et Petits Fours Delights
  13. Baguette Brilliance Bakery
  14. La Fournette
  15. Le Château du Croissant
  16. Madeleine Mélodie Patisserie
  17. Baguette et Almond Bakery
  18. Les Douceurs de Paris Bakery (Sweets of Paris Bakery)
  19. Petite Pastry Palais
  20. Baguette et Madeleine Bakery
  21. L'appartement 4F
  22. La Madeleine Mystique Bakery
  23. Crusty Cravings & More Bakery
  24. Le Croissant Chéri Patisserie
  25. Baguette et Petit Four Bakery
Cupcake confections in a bake shop
If cupcakes are a flagship item, shout them out in your bakery name.

Modern bakery name ideas

If you're opening a bakery that serves innovative pastries and creative drinks, you'll want to signal to your guests that they can come to you for something out of the ordinary. Modern bakery names are simple and minimalist, encouraging people to see for themselves what your bake shop is all about. Here are some modern bakery name ideas.

  1. Flour Bakery
  2. Whisk
  3. Rise & Shine Bakery
  4. Cake Studio
  5. Sweet Tooth Bakery
  6. Sugar Moon Bakery
  7. Sweet Spot Bakery
  8. Sweet Symphony Bakery
  9. Flour & Salt
  10. The Cake Haven
  11. Sugar & Spice Bakery
  12. Bread Basket
  13. Broken Tart
  14. The Bread Box
  15. The Bakehouse
  16. Artisan Bread
  17. Cake Bakery
  18. Forge Baking Co.
  19. Early Rise Bakery
  20. Crumb Baked Goods
  21. Cake Walk Pastry Shop
  22. Enriched Bakery Shop
  23. Butter Bakery Shop
  24. Cake Bake
  25. Flaky Pastry Bakery

Gluten-free bakery name ideas

Gluten-free baking is hard. Luckily, coming up with catchy bakery name ideas is as easy as pie (with a gluten-free almond flour crust, of course). It's a good idea to signal to potential customers that the baked goods are gluten-free from the bakery's name. You can achieve this with a clever gluten-free pun on the word "flour" or "gluten." Here are gluten-free bakery names to get the ideas flowing.

  1. Wheatless Delights Bakery
  2. Flourish Free Bakery
  3. Pure Dough Bakery
  4. Defloured Bakery
  5. Ancient Grains Bread Box
  6. Beyond Bread Bakery
  7. G-Free Goodies Bakery
  8. Rise & Shine Gluten-Free Bakery
  9. Grainless Gourmet Bakery
  10. Gluten-Free Gourmet
  11. The Gluten-Free Galley
  12. Blissful Bakes Bakery
  13. The Wheat Escape Bakery
  14. Free to Feast Bakery
  15. Flour Power Free Bakery
  16. Almond Flour Bakery
  17. Flourish & Flavor Bakery
  18. Loaf of Love Bakery
  19. Sprouted Grain Baked Goods
  20. Wheat's End Bakery
  21. Wholesome Crumbs Bakery
  22. Beyond Buns Bakery
  23. Purely Pastry Bakery
  24. No Flour Bakery
  25. Grains Gone Wild Bakery

Found your perfect bakery name? That was a cakewalk.

Sifting through bakery shop name ideas is probably not on the ideal afternoon agenda for many bakery owners. But once you've found a name that matches your unique bakery concept, you're even closer to sharing your baked goods with the public and turning your business idea into a brick-and-mortar.

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