Restaurant week is coming to a city near you soon, which means hungry patrons are gearing up for delicious dining experiences at select restaurants all throughout the country. On top of guests looking for the best chef-owned eateries, many restaurants are revamping their menus, sourcing the best local ingredients to create a fresh and unforgettable dining experience, and taking advantage of their restaurant point-of-sale tech.

With all that excitement for great food, it's important to remember how much the restaurant industry has changed over the past few years. Even with the rising cost of numerous food items and competition among other restaurants, there's still plenty of potential for growth.

If you're a foodie or restaurant operator, check out the dates below to find out when Restaurant Week is in popular destinations like New York and Chicago. And if you're a restaurateur looking to become the best dining destination for Restaurant Week and the rest of the year, be sure to check out our 5 tips to shine during Restaurant Week.

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Support local restaurants during restaurant week.

Restaurant Week is a week-long celebration of restaurants in a specific city like Denver, New York, and Washington DC. Participating restaurants offer great specials and discounted prices so guests can experience their meal and come back for another bite.

Various types of restaurants participate in Restaurant Week—from fine dining options with multi-course menus to sushi shops that serve fresh nigiri. Patrons should be able to find plenty of food and wine options for any type of food occasion, such as a brunch, a gourmet dinner with wine, or even a few late lunches. Restaurants, in particular, use this time to show off why they've received food and beverage awards. If you're a guest, reservations are highly encouraged. And if you're a restaurant, consider offering online bookings with a restaurant reservation system.

Some cities host a winter Restaurant Week alongside another weeklong celebration in the spring or summer. This helps restaurants create different menus for different climates. You wouldn't want to serve a person some hot green chili for lunch during the summer when it would best fit a winter dinner menu. If you're a participating restaurant, be sure to check up on your specific city's official website for more information.

Discover your city's official Restaurant Week

When is NYC Restaurant Week 2024?

According to the NYC Restaurant Week website, the event happens over these days:

  • New York City Winter Restaurant Week: January 16 – February 4
  • New York City Summer Restaurant Week: July 24 – August 20
Statue of liberty in front of the New York skyscape.
New York Restaurant Week

New York City Restaurant Week takes place during the summer and winter, and it typically lasts an entire month. Last year's NYC Restaurant Week ran from July 24 to August 20, where various restaurants offered specials for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even some prix fixe menus for those looking for a memorable dining experience.

When is Dine Out Boston Restaurant Week 2024?

According to the Boston Restaurant Week website, these are the days of Dine Out Boston:

  • Boston Spring Restaurant Week: March 10 – 23
  • Boston Summer Restaurant Week: August 4 – 17
Boston city skyscape.
Boston Restaurant Week

Boston Restaurant Week, also known as Dine Out Boston, takes place in March and August for a little less than two weeks. Restaurants participating in Dine Out Boston offer prix fixe menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

When is Washington DC Restaurant Week 2024?

According to the DC Restaurant Week site, the event takes place over these days:

  • DC Winter Restaurant Week: January 15 – 21
  • DC Summer Restaurant Week: August 28 – September 3
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Washington, DC Restaurant Week

Washington DC Restaurant Week runs for an entire week, once in winter and once in summer. Check out the Michelin Guide for a complete list of restaurants participating in the event.

When is Denver Restaurant Week 2024?

Denver cityscape
Denver Restaurant Week

Denver Restaurant Week occurs annually in early spring. Each year, restaurants in Denver offer a multi-course meal for patrons at different price points ranging from $25-$55. Denver Restaurant Week 2024 will take place between March 1 and 10, according to their website.

When is Chicago Restaurant Week 2024?

Chicago cityscape
Chicago Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week typically takes place at the start of the New Year, running for about 17 days. This year, Chicago Restaurant Week 2024 will begin on January 19 and end on February 4, according to the official website.

When is San Francisco Restaurant Week 2024?

According to the Golden Gate Restaurant Association website, these are the days when San Francisco celebrates the event:

  • San Francisco Spring Restaurant Week: April 5 – 14
  • San Francisco Fall Restaurant Week: November 3 – 16
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San Francisco Restaurant Week

San Francisco Restaurant Week is held twice a year, in April and November. Many restaurants this year will offer the experience of gourmet food halls with prix fixe menus, also known as multi-course meals, showcasing cuisines from around the globe.

When is San Diego Restaurant Week 2024?

According to their website, these are the dates of San Diego's Restaurant Weeks:

  • San Diego Spring Restaurant Week: March 3 – 10
  • San Diego Fall Restaurant Week: September 24 – October 1
Palm trees in front of the San Diego cityscape.
San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week takes place twice a year, in the fall and winter, for about a week each. Much like other cities, restaurants in San Diego will offer prix fixe menus at different price points. This year, San Diego will hold the event in early March and late September.

When is Charlotte Restaurant Week 2024?

According to the Charlotte website, Restaurant Week will take place on the following dates:

  • Charlotte Winter Restaurant Week: January 19 – 28
  • Charlotte Summer Restaurant Week: July 21 – 30
Charlotte cityscape
Charlotte Restaurant Week

Charlotte's Restaurant Week, also known as the Queen's Feast Restaurant Week, takes place twice a year in January and July. Guests can expect discounted dinners for a 10-day-long celebration at various Charlotte restaurants. As always, dates are always subject to change, so keep an eye out for any updates.

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