It’s almost impossible for any restaurant to remain the same as time goes on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a classic quick service restaurant trying to be the next McDonald’s or if you’re a casual dining concept  preparing for the summer season. Change is a vital aspect of the hospitality industry.

That’s why it’s important for every type of restaurant to consider the different food service trends for 2023 and beyond. You obviously want to keep the attention of your hungry loyal guests, all while staying true to your own restaurant values.

However, if you aren’t staying up to date with what’s going on in the industry, guests might lose interest or start thinking you’re running a short-lived, fad restaurant.

Of course, we know you don’t always have the time to spend searching for all the new restaurant trends. This is especially true if you’re a new restaurant manager just starting out. Discovering future food trends is probably the last thing on your mind since you’re trying to hire the best restaurant staff and guarantee strong table service, all while making sure restaurant staff are using your POS system without any trouble.

It may be true that certain restaurants or their customers couldn’t care less about the latest food trends of 2023. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to know how your industry is changing and where you can move your new restaurant forward, even if it only moves by an inch. We’ve put together some newsletter resources for you to stay up-to-date on the latest restaurant industry trends, all without needing to add any extra stress on top of your usual work day.

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Since so much data is available from a simple Google search, it can be hard to find the right information that caters to your own needs as a business. Of course, there’ll always be big 2023 food trend lists from popular food websites like Country & Town and even the food section in the New York Times. After all, they’re all trying to get the best information out to the largest audience.

However, subscribing to a handful of restaurant newsletters specific to your goals and interests will give a catered list of content directly into your email inbox. With the right content, you’ll be asking the right questions about your restaurant.

Do you know how to easily measure guest satisfaction? How about the most efficient way for a bar to hire and manage the best staff? Can you unfilter hidden Yelp reviews?

That’s why we’ve compiled a starting list of food service newsletters that both established and new restaurants can follow. These newsletters are written by industry professionals with access to consumer insights, customer data reports, food and drink statistics, and more. All you need to provide is an email, then you’ll get news to quench your fear of missing out.

Online ordering will make it easier for guests to order food.

1. SpotOn’s Heart & Hustle Newsletter

Heart & Hustle, SpotOn’s newsletter, is a great resource for any restaurant or bar looking to streamline their operations, all while staying up to date on the latest restaurant industry trends. When you subscribe to Heart & Hustle, you’ll get weekly updates on new restaurant tips for labor management, reaching new customers, increasing profits, and more.

2. Local + National Newsletters

If you’ve ever wanted to find a decent place to eat in a new city, you’ve probably discovered Eater. From local to national restaurant food news, their different newsletters will have you itching to get on one of their local lists and social media, such as this list for the most hopeful restaurants in the Bay Area dining scene in 2023.

Did you know? According to the National Restaurant Association, 67% of consumers would rather spend money on an experience over purchasing an item from a store. Click here to learn more.

3. Michelin Restaurant Guide Newsletter

Of course, everyone’s heard of Michelin. They’re the tire company that decided to dish out the most prestigious award for the restaurants all across the country. But did you know there’s also a Michelin newsletter? By subscribing, you’ll get their free guides alongside interesting restaurant insights for 2023 predicted by different Michelin chefs all around the world.

4. Restaurant Dive Daily Newsletter

If you’re looking for a deeper look into some of the larger aspects of the restaurant industry, the Restaurant Dive Newsletter is another great newsletter resource. With detailed articles on consumer trends, restaurant tech, labor shortages in the foodservice industry, and more, Restaurant Dive is delivering content you’ll be thinking throughout your entire day.

Of course, it’s a good idea to find different restaurant newsletters on your own that fit a bit more into your own goals as a new restaurant. However, we recommend branching out and subscribing to different restaurant business newsletters out of your comfort zone as a restaurant operator.

While a newsletter on ghost kitchens or different plant based food items might not seem relevant right away, they’re loaded with new ideas that could help your business grow in surprising ways. On top of these new ideas, you can also discover new ways to trim and perfect your menu items as well.

It’ll also help you see all the new food trends that might still affect your restaurant, and how you can change things up for the future. For example, did you know that creating a butter board became one of the most viral internet food trends of 2022 thanks to TikTok influencers. Could your new restaurant find a way to capture that excitement for new guests?

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