What do you remember most when you get home from a vacation or a visit to the town where you grew up? For me, it’s local businesses. I think of the local restaurant with the best meal in town, the local bookstore where the staff makes personal recommendations, and the local concert venue where I grew up going to shows. I’d be devastated if they closed—and the sad truth is, many local businesses have been forced to do just that over the last several years. That’s exactly why the work we do at SpotOn is so meaningful. Because it has a direct impact on helping more mom and pop shops adapt and thrive instead of closing.

A lot of that comes down to how we do business. Our teams are local: former hospitality and retail industry workers and small business owners, members of the Chamber of Commerce, and leaders in community organizations. We know what it’s like to run a business and have skin in the game, knowing our neighbors and our local communities won’t thrive if businesses close. And small businesses are facing no shortage of challenges right now, from selling online and staying staffed up, to bringing in new customers and evolving with their changing preferences. But they’re not alone. They’ve got our team of 2,000+ employees working tirelessly to provide innovative solutions and integrations, like SpotOn Teamwork labor management, our comprehensive Manager Toolkit, and shipping and delivery with Shippo and DoorDash (just to name a few). Whatever it takes to get our clients from one month to the next, we’ll make it happen.

Thanks to that heart and hustle, we’re thrilled to be recognized in Inc’s 2022 #PowerPartner Awards, a list of the best B2B partners across the globe. Among thousands of companies considered, just 252 were selected across a range of disciplines, from advertising to engineering to financial planning. SpotOn was honored in the business products and services category as a company that provides software and/or hardware allowing companies to receive digital payments.

This award is particularly meaningful because of how honorees were selected. Inc. selected the Power Partner Awards based on a combination of commitment, reliability, trust, creativity, and supportiveness scores derived from online conversations and real client testimonials. Together with our recent recognition by Capterra as a top-rated point-of-sale by real users, making the Inc. Power Partner list reaffirms for us that we can do right by our clients and our communities, and also be successful while doing it.

We’re proud to partner with local businesses of all sizes every day, and can’t wait to evolve our products and software to meet whatever challenges come your way next.

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