Are you a restaurant owner looking to switch point-of-sale systems? Or are you just curiously searching for the best point-of-sale systems for that restaurant you always wanted to open? When it comes to different POS systems, you’ve most likely heard of SpotOn mentioned alongside Shift4’s SkyTab POS, Toast, Clover, Square, and others. SpotOn, as one of the leading software and payment companies in the field, has become a favorite among managers, restaurant operators, and staff thanks to our personalized customer service, competitive money value, and range of tools designed to help any restaurant succeed.

While the SpotOn and Shift4 POS systems both provide comprehensive cloud-based solutions for restaurants, SpotOn’s restaurant POS consistently received higher ratings and reviews from real users than Shift4.* Take a look at the differences between SpotOn vs Shift4 reviews to make an informed decision on the solution that would best fit your restaurant’s needs.

About SpotOn Restaurant POS

SpotOn POS system in restaurant customers paying for food meal
SpotOn's point-of-sale offers plenty of payment options for various restaurant types.

SpotOn is a software and payments company that’s garnered a reputation for providing powerful yet easy-to-use technology to run and grow your business. Known for its flexible, cloud-based technology and personalized support, SpotOn offers an end-to-end platform to accept payments, boost revenue, streamline operations, and create exceptional guest experiences. SpotOn’s integrated product set for restaurants includes point-of-sale, online ordering, labor management, QR order & pay, waitlist & reservations, marketing, loyalty, and comprehensive reporting.

More than 75% of SpotOn employees have previously worked in a restaurant, enabling SpotOn to provide not only expertise but also a level of empathy and know-how when it comes to addressing the challenges restaurants face. SpotOn provides intuitive technology that "works the way you work” and backs it up with a 24/7 support team to ensure it always does—with fairness, flexibility, and a personal touch. Some recent awards and honors include:

About Shift4

Shift4 is a payment processing services company that focuses on integrations and various technology solutions for clients in a variety of industries. From retail, hospitality, sports and entertainment, and more, Shift4 offers a wide range of services for in-person and online payments through its SkyTab POS system and SkyTab mobile payments. 

Shift4 has acquired various other POS companies, including Focus POS and HarborTouch, and most recently announced it is acquiring Revel Systems, with the intention of switching Revel users to their payment processing service and SkyTab POS system.  

Shift4 vs SpotOn | Capterra comparison chart

The right POS system is an essential part of running your business with as few hurdles as possible. However, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to find the right cloud-based POS solution since there’s so much information about their different features. We’ve compiled real user reviews from Capterra, a trusted online service that provides the right software solutions for organizations.

We’ve specifically analyzed the review scores on Capterra for SpotOn Restaurant POS and Shift4 Reviews, alongside Capterra-specific categories and scores for ease of use, customer service, features, and value for money. Like most other review sites, each Capterra review was submitted organically, where a company could then provide a vendor response to thank them for the valuable feedback.

In the comparison grid below, real Capterra users consistently ranked SpotOn higher than Shift4. SpotOn received a total score of 4.4 out of 5, compared to Shift4’s 3.2 overall user rating.



Overall rating



Ease of use



Customer service






Value for money



*Results current as of 05/10/24 based on the average score of all Capterra reviews for each respective company

Ease of use

A point-of-sale system can’t be too complicated to use, or else operations can halt at vital moments of the work day. Capterra users gave SpotOn a 4.3 rating, outranking Shift4’s Capterra rating of 3.2 out of 5. SpotOn reviews specifically claimed that users appreciated the easy-to-build menus and tools that made closing out less time-consuming.

Customer service

SpotOn goes above and beyond to ensure quality customer service and support.

Customer service from any tech company shows their commitment to how clients succeed with their tech. Capterra users gave SpotOn a rating of 4.3, while Shift4 ranks lower with a rating of 2.9 out of 5. SpotOn reviewers specifically mention support specialists who work with clients to provide excellent customer service, simple solutions, and quick response times.


A point-of-sale system is more than a glorified cash register. It contains essential tools and software integrations that should help organize and streamline operations. Capterra users gave SpotOn a rating of 4.3, while Shift4 received a rating of 3.3 from Capterra reviewers. SpotOn reviewers specifically mentioned how they valued the seamless payroll integration and monthly reporting features alongside the email marketing tools and customer loyalty software.

Value for money

The monetary value of a point-of-sale system is a vital aspect that every business needs to consider as part of their overall spending. Capterra users gave SpotOn a rating of 4.3, while Shift4 received a rating of 3.1 from Capterra reviewers. SpotOn reviewers valued the transparent pricing options that have beaten competitor rates for the overall price value.

Shift4 POS system: overall strengths

According to user reviews, Shift4 offers users a simplified layout and design. In particular, alongside fewer fees than competitors such as Quickbooks, Shift4 also offers customers an easy setup and implementation thanks to user-friendly and simplified tech services.

Shift4 POS system: overall weaknesses

Shift4 users have complained on Capterra about long wait times with customer support and even delayed or missing customer service requests. Alongside customer service, some Shift4 reviewers on Capterra reported connectivity issues and inaccurate reporting that did not reflect actual transactions, becoming one of the main reasons for switching to other POS system providers.

SpotOn delivers over Shift4

As a restaurant operator, you always have hurdles. With costs increasing and the never-ending shift of guest expectations alongside a labor shortage, a little help can go a long way. That’s where SpotOn steps in—to overcome those challenges in marketing or online ordering and beyond with flexible solutions and personalized customer service.

As Kevin Bryla, SpotOn’s CMO and Head of Customer Experience, noted with the release of Capterra’s competitive comparison, “It’s an incredibly challenging time to run a restaurant, so we’re focused on simplifying business for operators—delivering strong, stable tech that is easy to use and makes staff training simple; building integrations or partnerships that streamline operations; answering the phone when our clients need us.”

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* This content is provided for informational purposes only. All claims are based on average Capterra ratings submitted organically from verified user reviews. Ratings are collected on a 1-to-5 basis.

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