At SpotOn, we live and breathe local businesses. Restaurants, retail stores, and sports & entertainment venues are where people gather and make their livelihood. But local businesses aren’t sustained by magic. It takes hard work.

How do we know? We’ve been there. SpotOn employees have been small business owners, general managers, servers, hawkers, and store clerks. We’ve kneaded dough at 4 am, created cost-effective menus, and dealt with a rapidly changing business landscape. 59% of SpotOn employees have previously worked in a restaurant—of those employees, 75% have front-of-house experience, 39% have back-of-house experience, and 36% have management or ownership experience.

“The biggest highlight of working with SpotOn has been knowing that the person sitting across the table actually understands what we're doing and they care.”
Benson Wang, Co-founder and CEO, Palm House Hospitality

It goes beyond restaurants. 47% of SpotOn employees have previously worked in a retail business and 22% have worked in a sports or entertainment venue. The people who answer support calls, implement your point-of-sale, and design your technology have been in your shoes. We’re speaking from experience.

Alongside experience, there’s no shortage of empathy, problem-solving, and grit in our employees' toolbox. Meet some of the people using their restaurant, retail, and sports & entertainment experience to help ensure the success of SpotOn clients.

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