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QR Code Menu and Contactless Payment Options: Navigating the New Dining Experience

Completely contactless dining experiences are the way of the future, offering benefits for both restaurants and their guests. By employing certain technologies, such as a QR code menu and contactless payment options [https://www.spoton.com/products/online-order-and-delivery], your restaurant can drive staff productivity, capture new efficiencies, and boost guest...

SpotOn Unveils SpotOn Retail, the Industry’s First Omnichannel Solution Built from the Ground Up for Independent Retailers to Sell Online, In-Store, and On-the-Go

SpotOn Retail enables small businesses to compete with big-box stores, meet changing shopper expectations and capture more business from record retail sales * 72% of Americans would prefer to buy from an independent store rather than a national retailer if they were equally convenient and reliable * Simple, integrated business management solution...

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