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3 Benefits to Owning Your Customer Data

For many small businesses, third-party providers were a lifeline at the start of 2020. Different types of delivery platforms helped grocery and retail businesses pivot to meet customer demand for delivery, curbside, and online ordering practically overnight. But there's a hidden downside to these seemingly miraculous apps—you...

5 Best Practices for Onboarding New Employees

If you don't know where to start onboarding new employees, you're not alone. Only 12% of employees think that their employers have an effective onboarding process, Gallup [https://www.gallup.com/workplace/238085/state-american-workplace-report-2017.aspx] reports. A positive onboarding experience can set new employees up for...

SpotOn Sidekick Creates New Revenue Opportunities for Food Trucks

With the launch of SpotOn Sidekick [https://www.spoton.com/products/sidekick/], food truck operators now have the same ordering and payment technology at their fingertips as larger brick and mortar restaurants—but in a compact and portable package that’s built specifically for mobile food businesses. Whether you run...

SpotOn Introduces Sidekick To Power Food Trucks

New product expands SpotOn’s line of handhelds to mobile food kitchens and cafes, growing integrated restaurant technology portfolio. SAN FRANCISCO - Monday, June 7, 2021 - SpotOn, a leader in fully integrated restaurant management platforms, today introduces SpotOn Sidekick, a handheld solution designed specifically for food trucks, pop ups,...

Celebrating Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! At SpotOn, we celebrate all orientations, identities, and families—in June and all year long. The theme for World Pride 2021 is #YouAreIncluded. After a year of physical distancing and separation, this is an opportunity for us to celebrate the awesome power of togetherness and inclusion. According...

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